Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mountain Moving Miracles

I read Linny's blog, "A Place of Simplicity" and she speaks often of God as being a
"miracle-working, mountain-moving, awe-inspiring gasp-giving God!" While reading her blog I have been reminded over and over again of what God is capable of doing, and wants to do in the lives of His children. This mantra has touched me deeply and found a home within my soul.
I have started looking for mountain-moving miracles in our own lives, and I have not been disappointed!

My husband and I are "Partners in Lyme". We are fighting a difficult battle, but we know God is walking with us. Joel has had to apply for disability as he is presently unable to work. For two months our congregation paid what is called a medical leave salary for his position as Senior Pastor. He filled out paperwork a month ago and sent it off to the people who needed to also fill it out and send it off to our ELCA so that they could have their own insurance company look it over and decide if he was eligible or not. Unfortunately, our doctor was unable to fill it out and send it off when she received it, as it was put in his medical file when it arrived. Three weeks later we called the ELCA and were told they were waiting on the paperwork from our doctor, so after a phone call, things were set into motion and nearly a month later than expected, the necessary papers were sent off to the insurance company. We were told it could take another month to be approved. Joel had understood that he would continue to receive money from his employer for accumulated sick days and vacation days, but yesterday Joel was told that due to his application for disability, his position had been terminated and he no longer was employed by our congregation! What to do? We needed money for the mortgage, bills, and food. Our out of pocket medical costs for treating Lyme are unbelievable and we don't want to give up treatment. We know we are two of the "lucky" ones because we have options....but I must be honest and say we were pretty stressed out by this turn of events. We did not have to be.

It seems God had a mountain-moving miracle planned for us. Early this morning we received a phone call from the insurance company saying they had just received the paperwork and they were giving us a verbal approval for disability! Wow! No long period of waiting, no wondering if he would be approved, no worry, no scrambling to find money for our daily needs. God is a miracle-moving God and we experienced this today.

Another miracle is in the making in our lives too. A crisis that I choose not to speak about, has been causing our family a lot of stress and worry. Prayers have been raised for God to step in and perform a miracle in the lives of two little ones we love and care about. Today we saw a glimpse of that miracle God is working out. It brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart to feel His love and see the "mountain" beginning to move. We are praising God for the miracle we know is coming!

I am forever grateful for the mountain-moving, miracle-making, awe-inspiring, gasp-giving God that Linny reminded me of. In my battle with chronic illness, I had forgotten the great power of our loving God. Do you have awe-inspiring stories of our mountain-moving God? I know you do! How blessed we all are and may we never forget the miracles God is waiting to perform in our lives!


Lisa Buffaloe said...

Praising God for His mountain moving! I'm so grateful for His provision. Thank you so much for sharing, Renee. My prayers continue for you and Joel. Praising and Praying to our incredible, loving God!

Renee said...

Thanks Lisa! And thank you for your continued prayers. You remain in my prayers also.

Malva said...

I add my praise with yours! Thank You, Lord Jesus!

This encouraged not only you and your family, Renee, but me too!
Blessings and peace,

Renee said...

Thank you Malva. I am so glad you found it encouraging...