Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Memorial Box Monday: Extravagant Love

This week Linny, over at A Place Called Simplicity, decided to to have Memorial Box Monday on Wednesday, as many who visit her blog are fasting and praying for the orphan this day and she is linking the two together. MBM is a way of looking back and remembering the many times in our lives we have been blessed by God's love and faithfulness. I have been praying about what to write and today's story happened just this week.

Recently I have been praying,meditating, and "working" on issues from my past that would bring about inner healing. One of those issues involves feeling unworthy. a trapped emotion that has caused some stress periodically.

Just this week I began to realize I needed to completely let go and let God heal me of this negative feeling..... and God agrees with me! The past couple of days I have received affirmations from God on this issue. One email devotional by Joel Osteen spoke about how much God loves us and thinks we are of great value, so valuable He sacrificed His son for us! A blog post I read on Monday spoke about how a person "may not feel worthy of God's extravagant love, but He believes we are worthy".
The words that have come my way have deeply blessed me and reminded me that God loves me with an amazing and extravagant love. As His child I am worthy of that love and forgiveness. God also brought to mind the many times as a child and adult that His love protected me from harm, and how He works all things out for good for me.

How does this connect to orphans? There is more than one way to be an orphan. During one period of time in my life after my father had died, and my mother was having difficulty coping with life, I was very lonely and did not feel safe, loved or wanted. God laid on my heart today that this is what the orphans feel too on a much deeper level. They harbor a deep desire for a safe home, for someone to love them, and to be wanted. As Linny says, God has a deep love and compassion for the orphan, and He reveals that in the scriptures. We need to pay attention.

Today, I ask anyone who reads this post to pray for the orphans and for the families who desire to bring them home. And I ask that if you are unable to bring home an orphan, that you would be willing to open your hearts and pocketbooks, and find an organization that supports them.

I will need to add something special to my Memorial Box to remind me of God's love for me.


Anonymous said...

A very heart-warming and thought-provoking post Renee. My mom lost her parents/grandparents at a very young age and grew up in orphanages so I know many of the feelings of which you speak. We recently discovered that many of the orphanages are in need of good, used furniture and appliances in addition to our prayers and love.

Debra W said...

My heart is open. Mark and I have discussed opening our hearts and homes to a child who might need us. Obviously, because of my health issues, this is probably not an optimum idea. But we are open to helping in any way that we can. My dear friend has FIVE little foster girls in her home right now. But she has the health and the energy to do it. We are all led to so different things.

I am adding my prayers to yours.

Susan A said...

thank you for sharing, your post brought tears to my eyes. I am praying for them today :)

Mom Of Many said...

We were praying today for your complete healing during our Bible study...and I am wondering if you are using a workbook to get rid of stuff from the past? I am working my way through one, but cannot find it at the moment to tell you the name. Anyway, I continue to pray for you sweet friend!! Love from Colorado..xo

Joan said...

Renee - Jesus did have love and compassion for the little children. Thank you for this heart warming post.