Thursday, September 8, 2011

Miracles From A Miracle Making God!

Recently Joel and I have been a part of three different stories of people we know and know only from the internet that has us giving thanks and praise for the awesome way God has worked in their lives.  If you want to be inspired by God's love and power just read the tidbits of these stories below.

Karl ~ Karl is a young man who was in a terrible motorcycle accident when an elderly couple crossed in front of him on a highway in CO. A number of God-incidences brought him through and saved his life when he should have died according to doctors. His traumatic brain injury is major, but the doctors keep seeing unexplained and impressive strides as he stabalized and lived and is now in rehab. I was able to be part of an online prayer vigil where thousands of people around the world prayed round the clock for him. AMAZING GRACE!

 Jubilee Promise is a little girl from China ( recently adopted) who just had major surgery on her head. Her parents took her to San Diego for this surgery as only 2 surgeons in the country can do it. They had seen several growths on the CAT scan and the family was told there was also infection and possibley cancer. After hours of surgery the parents were told that there were NO tumors found at all.   Anywhere. They were gone. She had major infection and is still fighting some of that, but we are all praising God for this miracle...Isn't God amazing!

 A member of one of Joel's former parishes was in a freak accident while nowing the ditches on his farm. He was in an old tractor without a cab and somehow a fence stable got caught up in the mower and went like a projectile into Nicks body. It went through an artery in his back through his liver into his heart tearing an inch and 1/2 rip into his heart and then through the nerve in his chest wall. A neighbor found him and they rushed him to the small town hospital...where they stablized him and gave him some blood and medivaced him to St. Mary's in Rochester. The doctors gave him over 90 units of blood!!!!!!!! They told his wife he should NOT have lived.. Told her, God still wants Nick other reason for him to have lived!!! He is home and a walking miracle that the doctors are shaking their heads over. God is a miracle-making, mountain-moving God as my sweet friend Linny says..

Lets give thanks for these stories of healing and miracles and add a few more to our list.  Please pray for:

Georgia who will have heart surgery on this coming Monday
Ravenna her sister who has a rare as of now undiagnosed blood disorder
Ruby Grace who is in need of a surgery for her brain
Linny who will fly to Africa to try to get Ruby Grace home for surgery.
Elaine's husband Rob went in for an angiogram and expected heart surgery after he failed a stress test...NO surgery needed!!!  Praise God!
Dominique's health has improved a great deal and she is up and about again!  Praise God!!
Renee's health continues to improve and strength is returning~ Praise God!
Joel's energy is coming back slow but sure.  ~ Praise God!
Leon, a good friend is in need of prayers as his cancer has returned and is growing.
Marilyn his wife needs prayers for strength and continued healing
Jan, Renee's sister and her husband are flying to Europe on Sept. 11th.

Lord God, Jehovah Rapha, we bring before you all these people and more, asking for your healing touch.  We give thanks for the miracles you are sharing with your children and we wait with expectation for more....after all you are our miracle-making God as Linny says.  In Jesus Name...Amen


NanaNor's said...

Hi Renee, I always love reading your posts and seeing Linny's family here. Feel like I'm even more connected with you-kindred spirits and prayer warriors.
Agreeing with you in the Spirit for miraculous healings for each of these needs. Linny has gone through so much over the last several years and I'm sure she appreciates your prayers.
Hugs today. Noreen

Elaine said...

Praising God for His goodness and mercy. Praising him for his answers to prayers. Even when the answer isnt what we thought it should be.

So happy to join you and others praying and rejoicing in Him!


Jan Lyn said...

Such encouraging blog posts I just caught up with tonight. Yes, I too am feeling the love! We were on vacation and offline and had to flee home before the storm hit here. Then no power: offline again. :) God was good to protect us and to have minimal damage. We too, have had many answers to prayer. This prayer post and answers are so delightful. I often remember to pray, but don't remember to record the answers we they come. This was a sweet reminder.
Renee, we just took our daughter for her 2 month lyme follow up. They feel she is clear of it now and improving. I agree she is much more active, eating better and even thriving enough to have gained weight and grown taller this summer. Still some unpredictable muscle and joint pain at times though. Our options at this point are to rule out any rheumatological cause, being that she was blessed with me as a mother....oh boy. For now, all seems to be improving though. Thank you so much for asking. I will miss my blogging, but need to stop during my Spiritual Formation program as it is so writing intesive, but will stop by and catch up with you when I can.
Be blessed!
Jan Lyn