Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Pace of Grace

I have been re-reading the book, "A Pace of Grace" by Linda Kavelin Popov, who is also an  international speaker on The Virtues Project.  Amongst other things in this book, she shares how a medical crisis brought her to a place of living an easy, grace-filled life.  She challenges us to become  loving stewards of our own energy, to find joy in the simple pleasures of life.

I often ponder when the idea of over extending ourselves became so "normal".  When did we start wearing a badge of honor for being "sooooo busy"?  When did the lazy hazy days of summer disappear? 

When I was active in the world outside my door, I took great pride in over extending myself.  The more I had to do, the better I felt about myself. I had a list for every single day, and would drop into bed exhausted as night came calling.  I even went to college full time at night while raising 5 children, keeping the house up, sitting on community boards, and staying active as a pastor's wife.   I took the mantra, "We are what we do" very seriously.  Unfortunately, it led me down a path to poor health and a stressful life.  And certainly, it did not all bring me joy ~ and what about my family?  I am sure at times God just shook His head as I crammed a month's worth of activity into a week. 

Today's families are busier than ever.  Life rushes by with school or work, music lessons, year round sports with school and outside of school, sleep overs, play dates, meetings to attend and social events to look forward to.  Seriously, when I observe my children and their families I wonder when there ever is any down time. 

And yet, God asks us to "Be still and know that I am God."  Be still and take a breath,,, care for yourself...leave time to ponder a flower or snuggle with loved ones.  It still is possible.  It may have to be scheduled like everything else in the daily routines of those who are on the move, but it is possible.  It is necessary.  It is renewing.

Maybe it is my age, maybe it is my illnesses, or maybe it is just looking back and seeing how little time I took to be still~ probably it is all three!  I know that I am grateful for the time I have now.  And I am hopeful that in this season of my life I can live with a pace of grace~ I certainly have plenty of opportunities!   I hope we all take the time to live life with a pace of grace.


NanaNor's said...

Hi Renee, What a wonderful post-I think many young women and moms fall into the trap of doing more makes us more godly which is sadly just a trap. We need to learn to slow down and listen, I'm still learning this. Have a blessed week dear friend.

Renee said...

Thanks Noreen.....you have a blessed week too!

Renee said...
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Gayle said...

A much needed post for me right now. I have hurt my foot and just can't do as much as I usually can. And I can't stand it!! But I am sitting back and saying it's OK. So thank you for the encouragement! And yes...life is just way too busy for us, for our children, and the grandchildren as well. It is not the way of the Spirit for sure.

Renee said...

Hi Gayle
Sure hope your foot heals quickly...thanks for coming by and visiting :)

Elaine said...

Beautiful Renee and oh so true!

Thank you again for leading us to look deeper inside.