Thursday, September 22, 2011

Now Thank We All Our God

I love that hymn, "Now thank we all our God....With heart and hands and voices..."

Giving thanks today for so many blessings~ Thank you Lord that sweet Georgia came through her heart procedure and is doing well!  Thank you Lord that Karl continues to make progress with his traumatic brain injury, and that Tron is making progress with his TBI also.  Thank you Lord that Linny made it to Uganda safely with Emma, and thank you Lord for moving mountains in their desire to bring home their daughters.  Thank you Lord for Nick's improvement each week...a walking miracle!  Thank you Lord for the release of the two young men held prisoner for 2 years in Iran.  Thank you Lord for the many blessings you bestow upon us with provisions and you unconditional love.

Continued prayers for:

Karl~ Traumatic brain injury from accident
Tron~ Traumatic brain injury and stroke
Nick~ recovering from severe injury to organs
Jubilee Promise~ surgery went well..healing from infection inside head
Ruby Grace and Sarah Jane able to come to their forever home
Georgia's recovery from heart procedure
Leon and Marilyn~ cancer and brain injury
Roger ~ chemo
Grant~ personal
Ciel~ chemical imbalance
Katherine~  healing from Lyme and coinfections

We lift up to you all those our readers are keeping close in their heart. 

Lord God, Jehovah Rapha, we bring before you all these people and more, asking for your healing touch. We give thanks for the miracles you are sharing with your children and we wait with expectation for more....after all you are our miracle-making God as Linny says. In Jesus Name...Amen

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Elaine said...

Amen Renee! Thanks for being so faithful!