Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yoking Up: Light And Easy

Last Thursday I watched a man from Australia speak on healing.  During his hour long talk he mentioned......yes, you guessed it, he mentioned Matthew 11:28-30.  AGAIN!  Then Friday, it happened while I was a video on a blog....and Saturday I was reading the forward of a book by Lillian Yeoman's entitled The Balm of Gilead. She concluded her forward with Matthew 11.  I have stopped trying to find closure with this adventure....It will be over when God says it is over!

So in the past 6 weeks God had brought me to these verses 23 times from 23 different sources.   I am speaking the truth here.  I have never had this happen before nor has my husband.  What is going on??  I cannot help but ponder the meaning behind these encounters.  Either I am thick headed and unable to "get" what Jesus wants to tell me, or I am being given a special gift here from God and am soaking in His blessings.  I am going with the special gift idea!  I do know this is empowering my life.  

Thursday's teaching on Luke 4 gave me something new to ponder, as the teacher talked about how Jesus came to heal the broken-hearted.  That He came to yoke together with us, and root out those unhealthy emotions and thoughts that hold us captive, so we can walk free from bondage.  This man shared he has a plaque in his office that says, "Light and Easy".  I would love to find one of those.  He went on to share that we will be blessed when we take on Jesus' yoke.  Some other words from this teacher to think about ~~~If your yoke is not light and easy?  Maybe you are not in God's will or you have taken on His yoke but are trying to do things your own way.

On Friday I watched a video that was for those people who are feel called into a healing ministry.  The teacher shared that we need to remember we, ourselves, don't add anything to God's presence.  God does the healing, we are just a tool..and we do not want to get in the way of what He is doing in the life of another.  We need to relax in His presence and let Him fill our soul.  Rest as he has called us to do in Matthew 11.

Lillian Yeoman wrote in the forward of her book, "Even if we have forgotten or ignored the "Physician of Gilead" he has not forsaken us and His sweet voice, like bells of evening pealing, still calls over land and sea  'Come unto me all ye..........heavy laden and I will give you rest.'  This small book is a faint echo of this gracious invitation.'"

A friend of mine sent me an email today telling me she had just heard a whole sermon on
Matt. 11:28-30 this past Sunday at her church, and when it was available online she would send it to me!  It seems the journey continues.......and I am grateful for it and learning to rest, relax, move aside, stay focused, and yoke up with Jesus along the way.  After all, he has sent me a gracious invitation.....23 times!


Kim said...

Wow!!! I think it's incredible to read about what God is doing and how He's doing it. And the words about "light and easy" are definitely going to stick with me!

Anita Johnson said...

Dear Renee,
It has been too long since I visited your blog. This post is totally appropriate for me. I've had a few health issues and i have been amazed at how over and over God has placed something or someone in my path to keep my yoke light and easy. God is so good. I plan to keep reading here...nice to "visit" with you again. (o: