Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Letting God Love Us

"There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear"
I John 4:18a

A couple of weeks ago Pastor Rick Warren gave a sermon on God's purpose for our lives.  He listed several callings we have from God to be able to fulfill His purpose for us.  The number one calling he listed was a surprise to me:  Let God love you.

After listening to Warren's sermon i realized it may be harder than we think, letting God love us.  We know God loves us, but do we fully surrender to His love?   Do we embrace it, trusting Him completely?  Do we see ourselves as a child climbing up on Papa's lap and letting Him hold us tight?

As I have shared in the past here, fear has been an unwelcome guest in my life for as long as I can remember.  Some fears are healthy, they protect us from harm. Others are as this description so aptly puts it:


In certain circumstances, the spirit of fear has held me captive.  I have been told by well meaning Christians that having fear means I don't have faith.  Either or, they say.  For some it is very black and white. God whispered the truth to me a while ago when I came to understand through the wise words of another that the PTS I am healing from brings with it fear and has nothing to do with my faith.  I have a strong faith.

I have learned to discern what is real and what is false evidence when it comes to fear.  For example, two weeks ago I met a man at church, and for reasons unknown to me, this encounter triggered  a strong physical and emotional PTS response that is still demanding attention.   In the past I would been angry at myself for this reaction, wondering why I could not just get over it already.  Have you ever been there?  The enemy would love for us to be caught up in self-destructive thinking, but we know from His Word and from His promises how much he loves us....He sent His son to die for us.  And we know that His love is perfect and drives out fear! Sweet surrender!  When love comes in the front door, fear goes out the back!  It is a wonderful visual isn't it ~ seeing Jesus driving fear out while filling us with His love. 

So, it comes back to Rick Warren's statement about what we are called to do............we are called to LET GOD LOVE US!  That may mean something different for everyone, but the results are the same~ a loving relationship with our Lord as His daughter, His son.  A relationship where we know perfect love drives out fear.  A relationship where we experience how deep and wide His love is as he protects, provides, and cares for us. A relationship where we can trust Him fully and are eager to let God love us.  He is waiting with open arms.


NanaNor's said...

Hi Renee, Wonderful post!!! I have often been bound up in the spirit of fear of abandonment but continue to claim verses to help when my mind is triggered. Thanks for such a powerful testimony!
Hugs, Noreen

Sharon said...

Oh Renee! You are speaking my heart here. As a Fearful Fraidy-Cat, I know what you are saying. But, I also know the overwhelming comfort and strength that God's love brings to me. It is far superior to the lies that whisper in my heart.


Renee said...

Hi Noreen,
Love hearing how claiming verses helps is part of my arsena!

Renee said...

Hi Sharon
Amen Amen! Far superior for sure.

Gayle said...

A thought provoking post, I will think on this one awhile and how it applies in my own life and to my own fears.

Gayle said...

I just thought of this, stop by and read my Sunday post The Name. I had the strangest situation that dig trigger my fear. It was a good fear in that I didn't act on what the person wanted me to do. But I really do felt like I was delivered by the Name of Jesus. It is hard because I've had bad things happen to my one of my children, and yet I was delivered. I am just so thankful.