Thursday, May 30, 2013

When Bad Things Happen To Good People

As members of the human race, we like to have answers to our questions.  We search for reasons, purposes, and understanding.  We feel best when good prevails!  It gives us a sense of comfort and security to be able to put our lives in order.   Two plus two equals four and all that.

Unfortunately, life does not always follow the rules. Evil sometimes wins, at least here on earth. 

Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

A missionary and his plane went missing, never to be heard from again.

Two young girls here in our part of Iowa were kidnapped, one escaped the other is missing and evidence indicates that she is dead, even though they have not found her body. The man who is behind these horrific acts is now connected to the disappearance and death of  two other young girls last summer just forty miles from here. He killed himself before police could arrest him and find out what other evil secrets he held.

The father of a nine year old child puts out a SOS while on his boat near Key West.  His boat turns up grounded in Cuba with his lifeless body still tethered to it.

A man is wrongly accused of murder and spends eight years preparing to defend himself.  This week, to the shock of his family and friends, he was convicted of a murder he did not commit. 

Bad things happen to good people.

It  is endless............the evil that permeates our world.  We ask, we seek, we pray.  Yet on our broken sinful planet, bad things continue to happen to good people. 

We want answers.  Oh yes, we want answers.  We want to know the whys, and why-nots so we can put order into all the confusion.  But sometimes there are no answers that bring peace.

What do we do when bad things happen to good people?  To those we love?  To us?

We turn to God's Word and we remember.............we remember that God is faithful.  That God loves us.  That He is WITH US.  It is difficult at times, but we remember that God weeps when we weep.  We cling to the truth that we are never alone, and with Christ, through Christ we stand strong during any assault from the enemy that comes our way.  We keep our focus on Jesus and we anchor our faith in God's promises even when our experiences do not line up with what we read in Scripture.  With God's help we pitch our tents in the land of hope.

"I will pitch my tent in the land of hope".
Acts 2:26


Sharon said...

Renee, we were on the *same page* this week. I also posted something about those pesky "whys" that seem to plague us in life.

And yes, the answer is to focus on God.

I love that verse you shared: "I will pitch my tent in the land of hope."



NanaNor's said...

Yes, He is our only Hope. He alone holds the answers to the reasons behind such horrific acts.

Jan Lyn said...

I am so very blessed that I was able to get back and see your blog. Double blessed to hear a minister's wife say that at times our experiences may not seem to line up with God's promises in His Word. Yes, that is true to us with our human eyes and often lately in my world. Such a comfort as I feel that you have reviewed what to do then with what I have come to call "holy mysteries". We just keep close to Jesus. Yes, he is our hope!
Peace to your heart.
Jan Lyn

Kim said...

It's really hard to read about all of those horrible things happening. I don't like to think about it. God is also reminding me that the purpose of life is to accept His love and let it fill me to the brim regardless of circumstances. And you know what else He showed me with that? When we do that, we live a life of rest! I thought, wow, He's been trying to show me that this whole time! That verse is incredible! I must write it down!

Renee said...

So true Sharon...we need to focus on God!

Renee said...

So true Noreen....he is our only hope!

Renee said...

So good to have you come by again Jan Lyn... I like your definition of Holy very true.

Renee said...

Hi Kim,
I truly desire that life of comes with trust.