Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Count The Fish

I have been reading a book by Darlene Deibler Rose entitled "Evidence Not Seen".  She writes about her internment as a prisoner of war when the Japanese invaded New Guinea after bombing Pearl Harbor.  Newly married, and new to the mission field, they were eager to begin the work they felt God had for them.  World War II  brought a swift end to those plans and it also brought with it the death of her husband and four long years of suffering in an internment camp.  I have been humbled by the faith of these missionaries and more, who stood on God's promises in unbelievable tough times. 

I also watched  by video as Rick and Kay Warren spoke about how they are getting through the tough times since the death by suicide of their son Matthew four months ago.  Last Sunday they shard their pain and deep sorrow and what they are doing to walk through this tragedy.  They spoke about God  always loving us.  How God weeps with them, and how it is the enemy that took Matt from them, NOT God.  They are walking in hope, standing on God's promises and His love for them during extremely difficult times.

Today I read Monday's post at Ann Voskamp's Blog, A Holy Experience.  Another powerful writing on how we manage the pain, the struggles, the unwanted circumstances that we face in a broken world.  She shared the story of when Jesus told Peter and the others to go out in their boat again and throw their net down on the right side this time.  How their net was FULL but did not break when they obeyed Him and they came back with 153 fish. 

They counted the fish.  They counted the BLESSINGS that God had given them.  Just Like Ann invites all of us to do on a daily basis by keeping a list of the small, seemingly unimportant and the big things we can be grateful for.  How "counting the fish" keeps our focus on God and reminds us that we can trust Him every single day no matter what we face. 

In more ways than I realize , I expect these encounters today are speaking to me deep in my soul. God is gently reminding me to count the fish.  It seems too simple to be affective.  Just write down throughout the day all you observe and see them for what they are~ gifts from a loving God.  The Bible tells us over and over to praise Him.  Give thanks.  Keep your eyes upon Jesus.  Trust and obey.  

Count the fish.

It is all about perspective, and we have so much to be grateful for.  So. very. much.  And God in His infinite wisdom knows that as we praise and give thanks we are doubly blessed.  I am going to make a sign to frame and hang on our wall as a daily reminder from our loving G.od.

Count the fish.


Sharon said...

This was a great post, Renee. The book you're reading sounds so inspirational. I'll have to check it out. And yes, I have felt so much sorrow for the Warrens as they try to deal with this unspeakable tragedy in their lives. Only God can bring comfort to them...

I just loved your lesson today. Count the fish. I will be thinking about that all day. You're right - the disciples didn't just stop at the overall picture. They looked into the details of Jesus' great blessing.

I must do the same.


Anita Johnson said...

Counting the fish here too!

Renee said...

Hi Sharon
It is a good book Sharon. Yes, counting our blessings double bless us.

Renee said...

Thanks Anita!