Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday's Scribbles

After a week of heat and high humidity and dew points, today we are enjoying 82 degrees and dryer air.  Yay!  Now this is more like it!! 

Speaking of dryer air, I have been researching where to find humidity at around 30-40 percent year round, as that seems to be close to ideal for Joel and myself.   So far I have come up with parts of Colorado, although I have only just begun. 

Speaking of Colorado, our son Kevin is buried there and we have a grandson who lives there with his family.  Speaking of family, after moving our kids around the country a few times and managing one move involving an 18 hour plane trip (The Philippines), most of our family as adults have settled with their own families in permanent places around the Midwest. They like traveling, just not moving so much.  Sometimes when my gypsy blood is stirred up, I long for far horizons and ponder aloud the need to get out of dodge (Iowa).  I expect I will always feel that way due to some kind of generational curse that seems to bring out the wanderer in me!  Must be due to the Irish in me, or maybe it is the French gypsy.....or the Viking blood?!?  Ha! Ha!

Speaking of generations, next weekend we will head up to Minnesota for my older sister's 80th birthday party. She is 15 years older than me and raised me from age 11 until I married, so she is grandma to my kids. It will be great fun to see everyone again.

Joel has been busy writing and biking this week. I have been busy walking, resting, and spending more time in my recliner than I would like.. We did get 50 pounds of blueberries into our freezer....and have been enjoying the other 10 pounds in muffins, on pancakes, and just eating them by the handful.  Yum!  I also have been shopping online and in stores for new sandals.  So far, Nada.  I think my criteria is hard to find.....firm, not spongy heel, low to ground, and supports the ankle without looking like it is for someone old.  Thankfully, I can still wear the ones I have had for 12 years!! 

Ever feel, well............restless?  Or like there is something missing in your life?  Like there are adventures out there that have your name on them, but they are just out of your reach?  Joel and I are both extroverts and now that I am so much better I feel once again like there are places to go and people to see!  I really hunger to do more for God.  And Joel?  Not working has left a void he is struggling to fill.  I truly feel like this restless feeling is part of God's plan for our future. A preparation for what is to come.

Last weekend we watched the movie, "Angel In The House".  It was slow and sweet.  We enjoyed it!  I plan to watch the new Hallmark series, Cedar Cove, based on Debbie Macomber books of that name.  Looks good...looks healthy...looks clean.  We are all for that!  We are still into the correspondence course on Healing and  I have been reading another Red River novel , the third in a series of homesteaders in North Dakota.  What have you been reading?

Until next time.......

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Sharon said...

What fun catching up with you!

I really enjoy reading Christian fiction - though I haven't read anything for a while. Mostly I've been in the Word, soaking in the strength that God provides.

My husband and I were evacuated for four days last week due to a raging wildfire that came within a mile of our home and town.

My bible was my lifeline - and God graciously answered so many prayers, as we were able to return Sunday night, safe and secure.