Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It Is Well

"It Is Well" 
Kristine DiMarco
Jesus Culture

Joel and I were sitting in the home of an older family member when I noticed a strong odor of something chemical or musty that permeated every breath I took.  I could not identify it, but the old need to protect myself rose up and I quietly put my hand over part of my nose and mouth hoping to avoid an exposure.  It was in that moment, in the midst of conversation that I heard the quiet voice of Jesus say to me, "Do you trust Me, Renee?"  

Do you trust me?  So simple, and yet so complex....the question....and the answer.......  In that moment I had a choice to make.  Did I trust Jesus...did I trust that I was healed of reactions to chemicals and other odors.  That I was no longer that girl in the bubble.  Down came my arm and I laid my fear at the feet of Jesus.  I gave thanks to the Healer for setting me free from that yoke of slavery. And all was well.

Late last fall, we went on a two week trip out East to a conference on healing.  We searched for a natural spring along the way because a dear friend was instructed by Holy Spirit to tell me to drink from a spring.  Long story, short......we felt strongly that out of obedience I needed to do this.  God directed us to a natural spring on Amish land, and this never-lived-on-a-farm girl freaked out.  It was not what I expected....I was worried about getting bacteria...or parasites...or......  After more prayer and some stern words from Holy Spirit, I drank.  It was not easy, but I knew it was a matter of trust.  "Do you trust me?"  It was also a matter of obedience, and the bonus?  The UTI's I had dealt with for 9 months have been gone since that time a year ago.  Wow. 

Some "Do you trust me" situations are more challenging than others.  One recently had me in knots.  I have pondered His guidance and I have questioned whether we have heard Holy Spirit speaking.  I have read that we can hear three voices...our own, the enemy's or God's.  And sometimes we get it wrong. Sometimes when the answer seems illogical, we tend to think it cannot be from Jesus, but look how many times in the Bible Jesus did illogical things.  He turned water into wine.  He spit on a man's eyes and they were healed.  He fed thousands on one boy's small lunch.  This is where discernment with God, and prayer come together, when in the natural the answer looks illogical.

Yesterday morning I listened to the worship song above which I found on blogger friend Deb's Sunday post.  "It is Well", sung by Kristine DiMarco.  The song spoke to my heart deeply.  Later in the afternoon, while talking with God, I asked for confirmation on what I felt He was telling me concerning my current situation.   With a trust issue at hand, I asked that this song I had listened to for the first time that morning, be one of the worship songs on Bethel Church that day.  I have watched their services for a very long time and never heard them sing it.  A few minutes later I turned on the morning service (which is afternoon here) and walked into the kitchen to get lunch going.  Less than 5 minutes later I heard Brian Johnson begin the first words of the song!  I began crying, humbled by God's love and response to my untrusting human request.  I am not ready to share yet the situation that has had me struggling, but I know Jesus is asking once again...."Do you trust me?" while patiently helping me out along the journey!

Do you trust me?  Have you heard those words from Jesus?  Most of us have.  Does He challenge you to step out in faith?  While following Jesus, there will be times in all our lives where we need to answer this question. It is not always easy or clear, but we have God's promises to rely on.  It will be well.  It is well.  Always.


Sharon said...

Yes, I hear those words from Jesus all the time. And I'm still a work in progress. I struggle with trust, for I struggle with anxiety. And the two are bitter enemies at times.

I was greatly moved at church on Sunday, when our pastor gave a wonderful sermon on the name Elohim. In the end, he said that God (Elohim) is saying to us - in all our struggles, and suffering, and turmoil, and worrying - "Just remember My name."

Yes, in HIS name, by HIS name, and through HIS name - all is well.


NanaNor's said...

Blessings to you today, Renee. Got to say girl, I love how much you hear the Spirit-more than I do(not because I don't want to, I covet this)but because most people today don't. I know you are a prayer warrior, I'd love prayers for me, in this area-that I would listen and hear. That I would be touched by His Spirit with regards to my liver issue. You are such a shining light dear sister and I'm so thankful for all He does through you.
Hugs, Noreen

NanaNor's said...

Hi again, Just went to the Youtube video and am listening to different songs from Bethel. I do wish I had gone when I lived in northern Ca.

Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, Ms. Renee....this is just so awesome!!! I'm so glad that God gave you just the confirmation you needed. Doesn't it just fill up your heart when He does that? HE is so good!!! Thank you so much for your precious words about the situation with my brother. God will work it all out....He already has it worked out. We just need to TRUST!!! HOPE the rest of your week is blessed!!!

Anita Johnson said...

You know how much these posts are a blessing to me...hope for my recovery, praises for yours. I'm glad you shared this beautiful song too.

Renee said...

Thanks Sharon for your beautiful comment on this post. Love how God speaks to us through the words of others!!

Renee said...

I am praying Noreen....for you to hear His voice and for healing for your liver. We just speak your liver and command in Jesus name healing and restoration to your body....hugs friend....and thank you for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed the video!

Renee said...

Hi Deb
Thanks so much...yes I feel so thankful for that video you posted. I ordered the CD with that song on it and it arrived yesterday already...I am playing it all the time...

Renee said...

Hi Anita
Sweet friend...sending you big hugs and love for your recovery...