Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you!  We are still enjoying a beautiful warm Fall here in our corner of the world.  Joel was able to go biking with his friend Jack over at Lanesboro this past Monday.  It is about 2.5 hours from here and then they biked 22 miles and drove home again.  Long day, but the weather was great, the sun was shining, and the trees were so beautiful.  They had a good time, even eating lunch in a boxcar diner.

This biking trail goes through several
towns in SE Minnesota

We have been walking in the afternoons this week since Joel has had such a busy schedule.  I walked on my own Monday on our association paths and last Sunday we walked at the state park again on our way home from church.  Winter will be on us soon enough so we are enjoying the fresh air as often as we can.  In fact, windows were open yesterday and expect to do the same today.  I never quite understand when people don't open their least in our corner of the world where fresh air is in abundance.

A pathway of leaves
Still walking in my pink tennis!

Monday night I found out I was called in to jury duty....and was picked on Tuesday morning for selection.  I was questioned by the prosecution and defendant's lawyer along with 21 others. You can read my amusing post on it HERE.  After answering all their questions they dismissed me.  I was relieved since I was scheduled to have eye laser surgery again on Wednesday and did not want to miss that appointment.  For some reason this time it knocked the stuffing out of me and I have been extra tired and a bit off since.  Still active, but liking naps and early bed. 

It was a year ago we were in CT for the conference on healing.  Our two week adventure was orchestrated by God.....go HERE to read about it.  What a wonderful trip it was!  The days spent in Amish the name of that town!  The days at the healing conference ~ awesome!  The cold, rainy, windy day at Niagara Falls...such power in that moving water!  Our marathon day in exciting and fun fun fun!  Yep.  I'm still smiling and giving thanks.

Yesterday the news was so disheartening.....shootings at yet another school......officers shot........Canada's much. violence.  It is tragic, seems to be endless, and is beyond understanding.  It baffles me that so many people are so angry and sick sick sick.  Just need to keep our focus on the One. 

Yesterday Joel brought an extension ladder into the house and climbed up to change out lights and clean the ceiling fan that is about thirty feet up from our main level.  We have a half landing he could put the ladder on.  Joel is not afraid of heights.  In fact he is drawn to them and I sometimes have to beg or threaten to keep him off of really high places!  As I said before, it is the boy-climbing-the-silo that comes out in him.....

The fan and staircase...
clean fan and new lights!

I am starting to organize our photos.....48 years of them starting at Bible College.  I am planning to get them all in order and out of three large plastic tubs and old photo books and into photo boxes....printing a few of our favorites for framing, and continuing in my quest to make photo albums for each of our kids.  I'm on the third right now.  I know that most pictures are digital now, but I am telling you, there is something more intimate about holding a book in your hands and looking at your life in pictures. 

Besides photo organizing and household stuff, the TV, live stream and archived teachings, and lots of praise music on CD and DVD and walking have filled up my spare time this week.  My sight was a bit blurry after the laser so reading was put aside for awhile.  I have been catching up on magazines and trying to read a fiction book I have book staring at for months.  Seriously, I just cannot read fiction anymore.  What is up with that?  So what has been going on in your corner of the world?

Until next time............


Sharon said...

Renee, I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, I just love reading about your life! You are always on the go - in those adorable pink tennies! You inspire me to not give in to the aches and pains that seem to plague me lately.

And, open windows? YES! In fact, I just read an article yesterday that said opening our windows was actually a boost to our immune system. I know I sleep better with them open - even during the winter, just a pinch.

GOD BLESS, friend!

Gayle said...

Oh, love my stop in for a visit with you as always. Joel is simply amazing, simply amazing!! What a biker! What a climber! My husband climbed up on the counter to replace a light bulb and good grief, he was uncomfortable. I told him I'd do it, I was part monkey and scrambled up there in a moment.
We've been exhausted daily pushing ourselves to get the house in order and get the old one ready for the renters. I fly into Oklahoma in two days to take care of my mother's ashes. It will be bitter sweet I am sure.
I notice the beautiful blue skies, here autumn means the rain and clouds return and I miss that about where I was raised. Loved the photos, and of course loved a visit with you. Have a blessed week, I'll be back in a week or so.

Renee said...

Awwww, thanks Sharon. I like sharing about our lives! It makes sense that fresh air helps our immune systems. We sleep often with windows open, too and I stay warm under my wool comforter!

Renee said...

Sounds like your move is going well, even with the push to be done. Thinking of you in ok. Praying as you take care of your mom's ashes. Hugs, Gayle.