Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you!    We woke today to gray skies and chilly temperatures, but earlier in the week the days were beautiful and I took several pictures of the view as we walked around our association out here on the edge of town.  This community originated from one farm house and surrounding fields, so there are still two areas where we can see combines moving through the fields and the harvest being brought in. 

A view of the man made pond and grounds of the
original farmstead
A view of the river road from the walking path
Just look at the jet lines in the!
Isn't this a cute mailbox?
Colorful bush on our property
Last Sunday after lunch we left for Dubuque Iowa.  Three hours later we arrived at the hotel and conference center where the pastors retreat was taking place.  Dubuque is located on the Mississippi River and among other things, one of the ELCA seminaries is located there.  The weather did not cooperate for anything outdoors....heavy rain prevailed, but we did take the designated Monday afternoon off and visit a downtown bookstore, eat out with friends, and get in a good nap!  There was a speaker who was brought in from Chicago's headquarters that was extremely difficult to listen to or understand.  All head and no heart.  I wrote about it on Thursday.  Our restoration time was found mostly in the worship.  It was based on the Psalms and soothed the soul......and the service on Monday night at Wartburg Seminary was amazing.  There is nothing like a church full of pastors singing.....I could not help but be still just to take it in.  We headed home again Tuesday afternoon, ready for our own beds.  We have stayed in three hotels in two weeks, and I think we are ready to stay home for awhile....

Wednesday afternoon we headed to church for their Fall Festival and Potato Feed.  The meal includes homemade pies too.  This little church had about triple their numbers attend.  I helped with the craft area and enjoyed that very much.
Thursday night I had a very scary incident which turned out to be an "eye" migraine.  It came on suddenly...the right corner of my vision was all neon blue and white lights which moved and vibrated.  I could not see Joel's face completely or read...words and parts of letters were invisible.  Needless to say, I freaked out by this.  We prayed first and then discussed going to ER.  When we were heading out, it stopped just as suddenly as it had started.  We talked to Holy Spirit and went to bed....I actually slept quite well but woke up pretty anxious.  I put in a call to the eye specialist and he called back at supper to tell me that it was an "eye migraine".  No harm, always benign.  Probably triggered by the laser surgery and others stressors.  He said, "If it happens again, just sit back and enjoy the light show.  It will be over in 20 minutes!"  Okay then.  I cannot say I am quite over the experience.  Darn scary.

Yesterday we went to purchase Halloween candy.  We need to get 7 bags of it to take care of all the kids that come through our neighborhood.  Good grief.  It is not my favorite holiday...ok, it does not even make the list, but I tolerate it.  We avoid TV the week of, and enjoy the little ones as they come to the door trick or treating. 

Today we are heading out in search of pumpkins for the steps of the porch.  Joel is finishing up some painting after repairing the back door trim and I am catching up on ironing.  Truth be told, I like ironing!  Crazy, huh?  There is something about getting rid of all those wrinkles....Joel knows how much I dislike wrinkles....and baggy knees on pants .....giggle....

Tonight we will have pancakes with blueberries, fresh strawberries, and coconut whipping cream...We were able to still get everbearing berries at the Farmer's Market.  Delightful to have fresh picked berries in mid October!

We are watching our usual live stream teachings and TV shows, although we are finding The Mysteries of Laura too crude for our liking.  We will give it another go, before we decide.  Reading has been off the radar this week except for blogs and devotions, etc. What has been going on in your world? 

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