Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Our Path To Peace

The second week of Advent we light the candle of Peace.  Peace.  We all long for it.  That feeling of calm and serenity as the world around you vibrates like a hummingbird.  The sense of knowing that all is well when the enemy whispers in your ear a different message.
Peace.  Where do we find this elusive peace?  Isaiah 26:3 shares the secret with us. 
"I will be in perfect peace when my mind is focused on You, Jesus, because I trust in you."  (paraphrased) 
I have a dear friend who tells me that when anxiety rears it's ugly head, she stops and takes deep breaths, saying, "Jesus in.....anxiety out."  For her this practice shifts her focus.  It does not take long until the anxiety is just as she says.  Out... and gone. 

Some nights when I am unable to get back to sleep, I whisper over and over one word.  Jesus.  If my mind wants to continue on in motion, I visualize myself going into the garden of my heart where I rest my head on Jesus' lap, safe and secure.  Sleep comes when  my focus is on the One who is Peace. 

The One who is Peace listens to our petitions of the heart.  Prayer brings peace when we leave our concerns with Jesus.  Praise and worship keeps our hands lifted high.  To God be the glory. 

No matter where we being on our path to peace, we come full circle back to Isaiah 26:3:

"I will be in perfect peace when my mind is focused on You, Jesus, because I trust in You."


Annesphamily said...

Hello,it has been a while since I have visited you here. I recently lost my job of 12 years and at my age, find it difficult to not feel anxious. I enjoyed reading your post and felt encouragement by it. Thank you for sharing and hope you are doing well. Blessings, Anne

Sharon said...

Really beautiful thoughts, Renee. I seek peace because it's so hard to come by sometimes. I'm one of those people who frets, mostly at night. I like the idea of breathing in and out deeply while calling on the name of Jesus. He truly is the Prince of Peace, and I continually ask Him to reign in my heart.


NanaNor's said...

Dear Renee, I pray you are continuing on in His healing; love hearing that you focus on Him when you can't sleep. Can you write me and let me know how you are please.
Sending lots of love and prayers.