Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday morning from our corner of the world where the sun has been absent for too many days.  We are experiencing fog, heavy, damp weather. Gray skies having us turning on lights to brighten the days.  We are expected to have temps in the high forties...and 53 tomorrow.  Crazy for December, although we remember bringing home our tree early in December in 1997 and the neighbor was out mowing his lawn!

We have been able to walk outside more, which is nice.  The river road has given us nature at it's best with hawks, a possum, lots of deer and yesterday at least 200 geese fly overhead.  Noisy feathered friends gracing our walk with God's blessings.

Speaking of walking, this is what we pass on the way.  We have chucked and chuckled as our new neighbor displayed his 10 foot tall wooden cactus all decked out first in a pilgrims' hat and drumstick and now Santa's hat and lights.  When I first noticed it I called Joel into the kitchen to ask him if I was seeing things correctly...a cactus???   Later he visited with our new neighbor and just had to tease him about what "the religious significance was" in having a cactus (giggle), since he is also a Lutheran pastor here in town!  The neighbor shared that he saw it one day driving to his previous home and told his wife about it.  She said..."you are not bringing that home"......but  he did.  We are enjoying it and I think his wife likes it now too.  It grows on you!  I think it is especially funny since we are heading to cactus country in just a few weeks!

Neighbor's cactus Christmas display
Night time glow
Monday night we headed over to a town around an hour from home to watch our grandson Jonas sing in his school concert.  It was fun!  We shopped a bit on Tuesday, groceries bought on Wednesday and Thursday I sorted through the toys we have had in the family room for the grands.  Most everything is going to a second hand shop along with some clothing we needed to get rid of.  It was a bit sad to think they are now too old for the toys their parents played with!

Jonas (on left) with his friend
ready to go sing!

The Christmas cards are done and with our gifts purchased and given out at Thanksgiving, we are able to just enjoy the next two weeks with little preparation.  It is very peaceful to just sit back at night and enjoy the glowing lights as shown in this picture of our living room.  We feel so blessed.

Taken from top of the stairs
"O Christmas Tree"

We watched the movie "God's Not Dead" last Sunday night.  It was really good, especially the arguments the student presented in the classroom......but one thing that disturbed me.  They showed how the pastor's friend from Africa stepped out in faith for the car starting...saying, "Just put the suitcases in the trunk" and step out in faith for the car to start(after lots of car trouble)  BUT they did not step out in faith for healing with the woman who had cancer, etc.  AND the woman who was a Christian but was living with her atheist boyfriend?  What is up with that?  So the movie was good but inconsistent for me.

Speaking of stepping out in faith, we are speaking against a funky virus that is trying to take hold in the two of us.  I expect it came home with us from the store, where the guy packing our groceries was sicker than a dog and touching all our items as he packed the bags.  Really?  Just stay home!  Prayers and our special tea are evident today in the house....and open windows too.  Our special tea?  It has cayenne pepper, garlic cloves, lemon juice, and gingerroot along with honey to sweeten.  Simmer it all, and drink under a warm blanket.  It tastes terrible, but it is potent and works.  More importantly, so does speaking against the viruses.....they have not place in our bodies!

Joel and I have been listening to our favorite group this year, Pentatonix.  Love their music!  Just listen below...."Mary Did You Know" is so beautiful!  The words speak His Word in a powerful way.

I have been reading Derek Prince's book, "God's Word Heals", listening to a few online teachings, and watching our usual TV shows.  Hope you are having a good weekend, friends......

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