Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you from Iowa where winter is back, although I am not so sure it has made up it's mind whether it is staying or not. Or maybe that is just wishful thinking.  We had virtually no snow for Christmas, and no sunshine either for that matter.  Yesterday we started out with sun, then it went to fog and freezing drizzle and ended with snow.  So, we have snow on the ground again, probably 3-4 inches,  with bitter cold temps on the way.  Single digits for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. 

We did walk outside on Christmas Day as it was 39 degrees here.  We walked at dusk last night too, but only twice this past week due to the Crud that has challenged my body, and I am walking about half the distance I was.  For now.

Christmas Eve

Speaking of Christmas, we talked to three treasures Christmas Eve Day morning and our youngest daughter Sarah called.  We left the house by 4:45 pm Christmas Eve as Joel had services at 6pm.  It was so nice to be in church.  The poinsettias, candles, tree, and lights made it all look so beautiful, singing traditional hymns brought back memories of Christmases past, and Joel had a wonderful sermon.  We arrived back home by 8:30 and after getting into our PJ's we had pie, and then visited with our oldest son Matt.  A tradition we enjoy.  Christmas Day was just us again but we had a really nice meal and enjoyed more pie!  We did visit with grandson Noah, and the three "G's" Grace, Grant, and Greta along with our son Matt Christmas Day night.  IF I had been feeling 100% and IF Joel was not working we would NOT have been sitting home alone.  It gets old.  We had quite a deep discussion about it all yesterday, and plan to implement changes for the future.  We do look forward to Sunday when we will gather with Gr. Jo and siblings at my brother Todd and SIL Jeannie's home in SE MN. 

I made Joel a natural creamer for his coffee as one of his gifts.  It turned out quite well, but I had to laugh at the chaos that went with making it.  I was not feeling so great last Tuesday, but Joel headed to the store last minute and so I knew it was my window of opportunity to get it made.  Easy recipe, if your body and brain are working well.....I was making half a recipe and it was going great until I realized I had put the full amount of two ingredients in.  So then I had to go back and put the full amount in of everything.  I was trying to open more coconut milk, but our can opener makes it challenging to open anything first try.  After using the can opener, I tried to pry the lid off, and it slipped and the coconut milk went all over me, the floor, the get the picture.  After cleaning that up I put what was needed in the food processor, but it was so full it shot out the hole in the top when I started it, so once again another mess to clean up.  After getting it made I put it in jars and hide it in the fridge.  Then I cleaned up the mess that was everywhere and got the food processor parts washed up and dried before Joel came home, so it looked like I did not use it.  ALL this in about 30 minutes.  The good news is that Joel loved the creamer and we had a good laugh over it later.

This past week God blessed us with at least 6 male Cardinals coming into the back yard with their mates.  It was amazing.  We decided they were probably heading home for the holidays and needed a break! So thankful they chose our yard for their pit stop!

I read a few fiction books this past week as I bonded with the sofa.   (Ugh. Too much like the old days).  Joel gave me Jan Karon's latest book about Father Tim for Christmas, which I am saving for now since I am reading a fiction book by Monica Ferris and I started the other book he gave me, "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed.  The movie just came out starring Reese Witherspoon.  Along with the non-fiction books on my end table,  I think they total 7.  Reading seven books at a time?  Something is wrong with that I now taking control of the situation and reading two at a time.  One fiction, one non.

I have been feeling lately like everything I write is mundane or repetitive, so I am taking a "Blogation".   I need to get into Scriptures more to study and meditate on what God desires for me with the written word and life in general. 

Okay, maybe we are not on the beach
like my sister Jan and Lanny this Christmas
....and maybe I am not pondering life from a beach chair,
but blogation it is!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with the love of family, friends, and good health.
Hugs from our corner of the world....

Until next time...........


NanaNor's said...

Dear Renee, I loved hearing about all you have been doing; praying that bug just leaves and never returns. That is a wonderful photo of you and Joel. My Christmas was filled with family but I too wasn't up to par. I'm praying it was just the yeast infection from the antibiotics and nothing more; I'm finally feeling pretty good today. But when you don't feel good, you don't want to do much.
I know what you mean about blogging-sometimes I just don't have much to share. I'll be interested in your reaction to Wild-we saw the movie and while the acting was really good, I realized that only by Grace of God I never fell into what Cheryl did. I haven't been doing much reading either; got to get back into sewing too.
Blessings to you today and in the New Year.
Hugs, Noreen

Gayle said...

Oh, I will miss you on your blog vacation but yes, I understand! My granddaughters went to Christmas Eve service with me, they are 4 and 7, I felt so blessed! My husband doesn't go with me, so it was such a pleasure to have them so excited and to enjoy the service. The 7 year old enjoyed it so much, she went with me again today. We are just resting at home and off work. I'm not sure if I'll get the energy to do a blog post or not! We may get a little snow tonight, oh I hope so! Winter here is dark and dreary. I just finished reading Mrs. Lincoln's Rival. It was good. It took a little while to "fall into" the book, but it was like being transported to another time. I ordered two more books by the same author and look forward to reading them. I plan on going to the theater with a friend and seeing Wild. Because both of us lost our mother this year, I expect we'll need some tissues! Have a wonderful and blessed year blogging friend!

Anita Johnson said...

Your blog is always a restful place to come, restful not boring! I smiled as I read about your cream making adventure. I think I would've called it quits on the first wrong measurement. I hope you continue to feel stronger and that the crud stays away in the new year.. Enjoy your blogging break, I look forward to visiting with you in the new year! God bless You both! XO

Sharon said...

Never, never are you repetitive nor mundane. But, I understand your need for a break. I'll look forward to your return to Blog Land (please don't be gone long!)

I've been a bit *off* with my reading as of late. I did start a book a few weeks ago, and I do have many things I want to read, so I'd better get started!! This is a good time for it, as we are expecting snow and very cold temps all week!

Happiest New Year to you and yours, and as always, GOD BLESS!

Pamela said...

How fun to hear of your "happenings"--not boring at all. So sorry that you've been under the weather. So far I've been able to resist the nastiness. I have a stack of books I'm reading on, too. I hope you have a a restful blogcation and look forward to your return.