Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

"It's a beautiful day in the a beautiful day for a neighbor...won't you be mine...won't you be my neighbor!"  Remember Mr. Roger's Neighborhood?  Such a sweet show, a favorite for our children, especially our oldest son.  But it is a beautiful day here in corn country!  We are heading for 43 degrees today.  We have been able to walk outside a few days this week, which is usually unheard of in January.  Love that fresh air! The other days we headed to the local mall where walkers outnumber shoppers in the morning.

Speaking of shopping, my sweet cowboy preacher brought me home a nice surprise this week.  I had been walking by a store that displayed a darling brushed corduroy dressy turquoise jacket and coordinating scarf for a few weeks.  I kept thinking when it went on sale I would get it. as I do not like paying full price for anything.  Every sale.   On Tuesday afternoon Joel surprised me with the jacket and scarf. He figured I would want to take it on our trip and if we waited until it went on sale, it would be gone.  What a great guy I share my life with!

The world continues to be a bit off it's course with the violence, crazy weather, since the beginning of time government and political junk, warnings about flu,  and the warnings of climate change continuing to come our way.  It would be easy to jump on the panic train.  But it is better to put our trust in the One who gives us life.  Here and in the hereafter!

I am about half done with the scarf I am knitting, and have enjoyed it very much.  I like having something to do with my hands while watching TV.  I expect when we travel having something to knit will be a good thing, too. 

Yesterday we ate lunch out with my sister Kay and BIL Dan at the local HyVee grocery.  They have a great variety of  good food in their deli and their restaurant area was crowded with people who must think so, too. 

I finished Derek Prince's book, "God's Word Heals", began studying about praise, my one word to focus on for 2015, and picked up another light Monica Ferris mystery.  I still have been pondering the book "Wild" and the love-hate relationship I had with the book and the author.  sigh.....We enjoyed Bethel church's new video/music film recorded on a mountain top in CA, and a couple of teachings by Charis Bible and also Heidi Baker.  TV was much the norm.  Still enjoy Madam Secretary a great deal.

So, how was your week?
Until next time.........

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