Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

It is Saturday morning and the weather outside is delightful in my sister Jan's corner of the world.  Phoenix is heading for a high of 78 degrees today with relentless sunshine.  After two chilly (?) days in the low sixties we are anticipating "shoveling sunshine" instead of snow today, as our friends Linny and DW like to say!

Speaking of Linny and Dw, we will be hugging on them soon.  We will also be gathering with our friends, who are our oldest daughter's Godparents, plus a few of my classmates who live in the area.  We spent a couple precious hours visiting with friends from Canada on our way to Phoenix.

We have been walking and Joel has gotten out on his bike some.  With close views of the Superstition Mountains, Our eyes are filled with all things beautiful. Having a backyard that overlooks a brush gully, you get night time visitors like mountain lions.  My sister and brother in law pointed out the paw prints pressed deep into their rocky sand the first day we arrived.  Okay then.  A little too close and personal for this flatlander!  Joel?  Thrilled!

We have been able to get "business" out of the way~~~Joel found a new pair of boots and a really nice hat at two of the western wear shops in Mesa.  Even riding in the car through endless traffic on our pursuit was enjoyable as we spent time laughing with family.  God is good.

Today we are celebrating Joel's three year anniversary of his overnight healing.  PRAISE GOD!

We drove 1900 miles in exactly 3 days to get here.  We stayed in my sister and BIL's townhome in Wichita the first night.  Then the predictions of two storms merging to create heavy snow sent us south instead of West, so we stayed in Sweetwater Texas the second night. I found out later it is known as the rattlesnake capital of the world.  Okey dokey!  After hours of endless Texas landscapes, we crossed New Mexico into Arizona, staying in the town of Wilcox.  Beautiful views!

I plan to write in detail when time allows.  For now I'm off to another adventure, and to hug on my sister Jan.  Life is good, God is great!

Until next time....


Mevely317 said...

Good morning, and welcome to Arizona Renee and Joel!
Ya, it's been years since I've taken time to keep up with your blog and comment ... but couldn't resist saying, "Hi."
I hope you'll enjoy a thoroughly WONDER-'full' visit with your family in continuing good health!

PS - I lived much of my adult life in Abilene, Tx., just down the road from Sweetwater ... you're right about the rattlesnakes. Yuck!!!

Anita Johnson said...

This sounds like a wonderful trip!
I would love to see a mountain lion from a distance, a rattlesnake, no thanks! Safe travels!

Gayle said...

I am longing for photos so I can veraciously through you!