Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

Another week has gone by in this corner of the world where the sun shines, the cactus grows, and the desert air beckons you to stay longer.  Arizona has its own beauty to share.  At first Joel missed the green (which is now snow) of the Midwest but now he has embraced the landscape, especially this area of Gold Canyon where the mountains are your neighbors and hills are the norm when biking or walking.

Speaking of that, he has biked daily and often walked with me daily, too along with Jan and Lanny.   A coyote crossed our path as we walked the other day, and quail greet us in the yards.  Joel has come across a couple coyotes but no big cats or rattlesnakes, thank goodness.  Too chilly.  I never tire of the views and wonder if those who call this area home feel the same.

It has been a busy week with shopping, a mini High School reunion of my classmates at our friends, Jim and Linda's, and a trip up into Tonto National Forest to see Canyon Lake.  Stunning views.  On Thursday we visited dear Linny and Dwight's home and shared a meal with the family.  Amazing fun!  Friday was another visit with Jim and Linda.  In between there were meals eaten out, shopping, playing cards, worship at Jan and Lanny's church, swap meet, art festival, walks in neighborhood and to the coffee shop, and  much more.  Plan to share pics when I return.....We will be resting from this vacation when we get home!

Speaking of home, my flatlander hubby says he is not ready to go home to winter. I agree. Especially with the snow forecasted for Iowa and other places in the Midwest.  Ugh.  We were fascinated when it rained here for one night and a day and washes and gullies started to fill with water and there were flood advisories!

Off to enjoy Akaushi steaks and another sunset.

Until next time......


Mevely317 said...

What a busy week you've enjoyed, Renee!
I think your words may germinate a new-found appreciation for my adopted state. :)

Gayle said...

Oh how wonderful, isn't it just bliss to step out of winter for a season. Have a wonderful time, I didn't realize you were out of town as I have had a busy work week.

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful place Mevely!

Renee said...

Yes, Gayle! First time for me and I'm loving it all!

Sharon said...

Arizona is a beautiful place. My husband and I have traveled extensively throughout, and the scenery is breathtaking. Enjoy the rest of your visit - can't wait to see pictures!!


NanaNor's said...

Dear Renee, So glad you are enjoying your time in the warm weather. Arizona holds a beauty of its own-the sunsets are incredible. You got to have dinner with Linny-wow how special! I have lost track of her blog, could you send me its name-thanks. I remember when she lived here in Co. and would go to the hospital in Greeley, I would offer to bring them food etc., but never got to meet her. She is such a love; so is her family!
Sending love your way!