Sunday, February 8, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

It was a warm Saturday in Colorado with temperatures rising into the 70's!  Crazy!  We have not put on winter coats or winter clothing since the first day of our journey.   Unfortunately, soon we will greet winter again and we are not looking forward to it.

We did look forward to getting to know our grandson, Eli, and give him hugs.  Saturday was the day and it was fantastic.  Overwhelming.  Amazing.  

The days have passed quickly, and so have the miles as they added up along the way.  Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, many sunsets, so many adventures.  Thank you God.  

So many great times....making memories with my sister Jan and our brother-in-law Lanny......hugging on friend Linny, and family......gathering with old friends and high school classmates.......sharing love with our son Kevin's boy, our grandson Eli.

Going to Charis Bible College........visiting the grave of our son Kevin.... So. Much. More.

So much to share when we get back home, but tonight we rest in hotel # 9 after another long day on the road.

God has blessed us with an amazing of closure, one of doors opening and others closing.  One of laughter and tears.  A journey orchestrated by an amazing God.

Until next time........

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Sharon said...

I so enjoyed reading more about your travels! Wow, it's been such an adventure, right?!

The one thing that you said that really stuck with me? The last sentence: "A journey orchestrated by an amazing God." Boy, that could sum up an entire lifetime, huh?!