Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday to you from our corner of the world where the phrase of the week is, "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus".  Yes, I am talking about a virus that has been playing havoc with my body and mind, but I could also be speaking about the bitterly cold weather.  Really.  Thursday night's low...NOT wind chill but temperature was -18.  Last night' low -17, Come on!  Cold and then again, cold.  And over 5 inches of snow on Wednesday which closed schools and churches, along with a few businesses, etc.  due to the winds that came with it.  When the longing for the desert starts to get too strong, I think about the Northeast in this record year of snowfall, ice, wind, and cold.  Wow.  Really the whole country has been under siege. 

I have been making the effort to focus on being thankful: for a warm home, a fireplace that turns on with a remote, quilts, homemade soup, and snow blowers!  And then there is the gratitude for Jesus...His healing power through His touch, through prayers, through the medical world.  Gratitude for the Internet that brings into our home conferences and teachings on joy, healing, the prophetic.  God's Word.  And even though we all get irritated at those telemarketers that find us, the phone is a blessing too.  Just pick it up and talk to someone you care about.  Or text!  Just yesterday a friend who lives far sent me a text, and another friend called to talk.  Both  blessed my heart!

Last Sunday Joel had a full schedule with church services, officiating at a wedding, and a farewell for a retiring Associate to the Bishop all in one day~~driving nearly 4 hours from morning to evening.  His energy amazes me. Especially when I compare, since I have walked only twice in 8 days.  I feel better, take off, and crash later on or the next day.  The flu symptoms of headaches, sore throats, nausea, weakness.  It seems to be the rhythm of this winter's virus.  Feel a little....feel better...feel worse... Better stop before it becomes a poor me whine!

I finally finished writing about our latest adventure.  Such a great journey we took, so packed full I needed to come home to rest from our vacation.  Isn't that how it goes?!  Our memories are keeping us warm and making us smile. grateful. Just sayin'.

We headed to the mall yesterday as I was eager to walk again.  I made it only about 1/3 of my usual trek when I decided to pull the plug.  Actually the plug was pulled from me.  We did go to a home store where we ended up getting some Fiestaware on sale 50% off.  We were able to add a few plates and bowls to our growing collection.  We like that there is a guarantee of no lead and they are made in the USA.  Nice.   Speaking of plates, we realized some of our Corelle plates we still use are from the 70's!  That stuff just never breaks or wears out!  Just like the old Corning Ware casserole dishes with the little blue label on them.  Yep.  Still in our cupboard 40 years later!

We spent a great deal of time this week watching a prophetic conference live stream from Bethel in CA.  It was very good and blessed us with new insights.  We always use discernment when learning something new or experiencing something out of our comfort zone.  Although in this season of our lives, there is not too much that falls in the latter category. 

That last statement made me think of one of our favorite phrases that describes ourselves. "Just a little to the right of crazy" which in turn made me think of a sign our oldest daughter saw and sent to us in a text when they were in Texas.  She said it reminded her of us (giggle).  Yep.  Just west of weird and we like it!

Dripping Springs TX

I have been re-reading a book called, "Doubtless:  Faith That Overcomes The World", taking in the usual TV and watching many teachings in-between listening to praise music during this time of rest.  What have you been up to?


Anita Johnson said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Gayle said...

Oh my, I can't even imagine that kind of cold!! Spring is here, the cherry blossoms are blooming and the daffodils are bright yellow. (You'll have to run over to my blog and see the spring pics).
It takes awhile to get over the flu, just continue on with your thankfulness and positive spirit.
I am going to look at some of Adam Hamilton's sermons later today. I heard a short one today and really enjoyed it.

Sharon said...

Hoping that you're feeling better, Renee. It's never fun being sick - but winter viruses added to the cold weather makes for a miserable time.

I like people that are a little right of crazy, a little west of weird. Because I sure think that I am due south of nutty!!

We have finally had a snowstorm up here that has dumped about a foot in three days. This is a goodly amount for this California drought that we've been having (forever). Today I went out and threw some snowballs - maybe a few at my hubby.

Keep warm, get well, and GOD BLESS!