Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ever On My Lips!

God spoke clearly to Joel and myself this past December that 2015 was going to be a "pivotal year" in our lives, so I was looking for a word to focus on this year that would resonate within His promise.

Psalm 34:1

Then God beckoned me to embrace the word "praise" and I confess..... I was not very excited.  I was  thinking maybe something with more impact, more excitement!   Silly me.  The word did not go away, so in obedience I began to embrace the word....praise.  \o/  

In the first two months of this year praise has become more than a little important on our journey, and we are already seeing signs of this "pivotal year" declaration!  Our trip to 9 states covering 4140 miles was truly life changing.  Joel and I stood together gazing in awe at Superstition Mountain from the patio of my sister and BIL's home.  We stood together in a circle in the home of our friends Linny and Dwight, where with hands clasped we were united in prayer.  We stood together hands raised in worship at the Charis Bible School healing service in CO. We stood with arms around each other at the foot of our son's grave weeping.  We stood together in joy with our grandson Eli.  Pivotal times.  Pivotal times that opened our hearts to praise.  Awe inspired, humble praise for our God and how He works in the details of our lives.

We enjoyed so much about our trip.  Seeing new horizons in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.  Seeing the rugged beauty of southern New Mexico and Arizona, the red rocks of Sedona, the sights of Colorado.  We laughed and reminisced with old friends, high school classmates, and my sister and BIL.  We enjoyed the beauty and warmth of Gold Canyon.  So much to be grateful for, and we are.

Coming home, the short nights and long days caught up with me.  The past two weeks I have been fighting a virus that has played a cat and mouse game with my body and my mind.  My daily walk has been temporarily suspended, and I have missed church more than once.  I. hate. it.  It is easy to get into a funk or a place of fear when symptoms similar to my old life show up.  Praise has become one of the ways I am fighting against the crud.  It is not always easy, but it is bringing me closer to God.   Your praise will ever be on my lips, Lord.

Our lives are in a bit of tizzy right now.  We are processing something big, what we believe God is saying to us, and we are asking for confirmation, laying a fleece as Gideon did, and stepping out in faith.  It began a few months ago, but has taken off in this "pivotal year".  When fear or worry comes calling, and believe me they do try, we are working hard at shutting the door, and raising our arms and filling our mouths with......you guessed it~~ praise.  \o/  

I have to admit that as always, God knew what He was doing when He persisted in my focus word for this year.  Praise.  This song from Bethel Music brings our eyes upon our Savior as we bring forth words of healing praise.  Your praise will ever be on our lips, Lord.

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NanaNor's said...

Dearest Renee, I've been slow getting around to visit my dear friends-so glad I came by this morning to see you.
Praying for the Lord to open the doors for your new adventure and to give peace when the enemy tries to rob it. Praying for your health as well. Praise is an amazing gift-I haven't heard this Bethel song but plan to go listen.
Joy to you.