Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

It is a beautiful day in our corner of the world.  The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising and the snow is melting!  We are in the 40's with mid 50's coming Monday!  Yes!  When we left home Thursday morning it was -10 with a wind chill of -20.  When we arrived back home this afternoon it was 40 plus degrees.  Nice.


Speaking of nice, we were able to visit our oldest daughter Beth and her family's home to attend our granddaughter Abbi's school musical, "Mulan".  We went both Thursday and Friday nights, and sat in different spots.  Up close one night, farther back and on the second level the second.  It gave us different perspectives.   The costumes were beautiful and the set designs were great.  These are middle school kids with a talent and love for music and acting, and it showed.  Great job by our granddaughter who was on stage the whole time, speaking singing, etc.  What fun to be able to go, and we were able to be there for our oldest daughter's birthday, too.

Abbi with friends

Proud Grandma and Grandpa
The rest of the week was pretty quiet, lots of resting for me.  Joel headed off to church without me two more times, but tomorrow I will tag along!  So grateful for the warmer weather coming our way.  Spring is just around the corner!  Enjoy your weekend!

Until next time.............


Debbie Huffaker said...

It's such a beautiful day here....temp wise. It's supposed to rain, but I was able to get out and walk around the neighborhood. Yay, me!!! LOL Your grand-daughter is beautiful....I completely understand about being a proud grandparent. Grand's are truly a blessing in our, older age! ;-)

Sharon said...

Our weather has been so weird this week. It started a week ago with sub-freezing temps and snow, then we had gale-like winds, and now it's bright blue skies and shorts-and-sandals warmth! My sinuses are protesting!

Such a beautiful granddaughter - and what a pleasure to share in this special occasion with her!


Renee said...

Thank you Debbie...yes, grands are such a gift as we age....

Renee said...

You are having strange weather Sharon. Thanks, too, for mentioning our granddaughter. She is precious!