Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

It is yet another Saturday morning here in our corner of the world and I am using only one word to describe our weather this week.  Fantastic!  We have been in the 50's and 60's, the snow is mostly gone and the ice jams have left the river.  We even opened windows to bring in the fresh air. With an extra hour of daylight added to the warmer weather, we are opening our arms to Spring!

Speaking of warmer weather, we have been able to walk outside along the river the past 6 days.  Nice.  Makes such a difference when we are not confined to the mall for walking.  I'm grateful for the mall in the dead of winter, but doing a happy dance now that we can be outside again. 

Speaking of happy dance, I have finally shaken that virus and am back to having energy to walk every day and do what needs to be done without a lot of resting going on.  I am only walking 1 to 1.3 miles right now, but adding more steps daily.  My hot pink tennies are back in action!

Joel has had an extremely busy week again with services Sunday and Wednesday nights, a pre-baptism meeting and a pre-marriage session.  He has always said Easter is much busier than Christmas.  Guess it is true even when he is working part time!  Add to that several hours over several days that he worked on our taxes.  He finally finished yesterday and got them to the accountant.  Yippee. 

I have been Spring cleaning this week.  Cleaning and purging.  Our cleaning lady is battling kidney cancer.  She is having radiation now, after one kidney was removed, so she is unable to work.  We are thinking she will not be back to work for a very long time.  We hired her when I was too ill to do any housework and Joel did not have time and then he himself was ill.  We are able to maintain the house fine now,  but the time it takes certainly affirms to us that we need a smaller house!  Prayers continue for Ruth to be restored to health.

With Easter just a few weeks away, I have been remembering the many places we have worshiped on Easter morning.  Certainly, Joel's 35 years in ministry took us to a variety of churches in Montana, Minnesota and Iowa.  Eight years in the military carried us to New Mexico, Illinois, Utah, Minnesota, and the Philippine Islands.  It is on the island of Luzon where I found myself caught up in my thoughts.  An early 6am service outside at Clark Air Base on Easter Sunday, 1976.  It was already 85 degrees by sunrise, and being outside in the high humidity made it a bit more challenging, but we worshiped as we sat on bleachers filled with others who proclaimed Jesus as their Savior.  A wonderful day, gathered together, and each of us with a baby in our arms and a 5 and 6 year old by our sides.  Okay, officially weeping as I look at this photo.  So blessed.

The family 1976
The Philippine Islands
Speaking of being blessed, I have been watching more teachings from Bethel and Charis.  We take it for granted now, but to turn on the laptop, click a couple buttons, and watch teachers live stream or from the archives is truly a gift.  I love to learn, so I do it daily if I am home.  We also have been watching our usual TV shows, and listening to Bethel's latest CD "We Will Not Be Shaken".  We talked with a couple of the kids and some extended family this week, which always brings joy.  I have been picking up a book once in awhile.   So, how was your week?

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Kim Fernando said...

Hi Renee! I love that picture of your family! Just stopping by and reading your update. :) Congrats for the beautiful spring weather in your corner of the world and for all the healing!

NanaNor's said...

Hi Renee, Praising God that you are over your virus and walking again! Seems we are both walking about the same amount; trying to increase every day or two. Tomorrow will be the first time in church since my surgery-so I'm thrilled. We are having incredible weather too. Listened to some You-tube videos of Bethel's worship this morning.
Have a blessed Sunday!
Hugs, Noreen