Friday, March 6, 2015

Free-Fall In Faith

I was looking at a Facebook post recently, and the words, "Free-fall in Faith" caught my eye.  It was a message from  Dr. Brian Simmons, the author of the Passion Translation of the Bible.  When I finished reading, I could not stop thinking about those four words...."free-fall in faith".  So, I did what we all do when curious, and I googled it!   Not much came up except for a story from Guideposts magazine that was about a woman who was afraid of heights.  For her birthday one of her more daring sons surprised her with a special gift.  Skydiving!  When she told him she was afraid of heights, he said, "No you aren't."  "You are just thinking yourself afraid.  Trust God!  She did, and took the leap from a plane, and the rest is as they say.....history.  Certainly considering her sons words helped her step out of an airplane and literally "free-fall" in faith.

There is a Facebook page that I connect with that has as it's title, "I have a mustard seed and I am not afraid to use it".  Oh, don't you just love that?!  The Bible tells us that faith the size of a mustard seed is really all we need. And the facilitator of that page empowers the mustard seed size faith when she/he says, "I'm NOT afraid to use it!

Mom and Bethany

Yesterday was our oldest daughter's birthday.  Happy Birthday Bethany.  I remember when she was first married and living in Minnesota where she and her husband worked.  I read in The Lutheran magazine about a job available at a large church in a Chicago suburb and I encouraged her to apply.  She would be working with a well known woman in our denomination and I felt drawn to tell her about it.   She did not want the job...did not want to move....but she felt The need to apply......after which they asked her to interview on the phone...she did...and then followed that up with an interview in person.  They offered her the job!

Her husband Kevin needed a job in the company he was with in order for this to work out and it was a long shot, except that God was in the middle of it all and when he checked into the Chicago company, he got hired there!  They spent 12 years in Chicago and have fond memories and close friends from that one step of faith.  A free-fall in faith.  God just loves it when we step out in faith and trust His plan. 

Granted, we don't always understand His plan, but we can trust His love for us. There are times in our lives, of which I can think of more than a few, where we felt like we were literally free-falling and had to hang on to our faith,  believing in His love to see us through.  Even though it can be hardI would rather be free-falling in faith that walking on solid ground without my Savior.  During those times when doubt or fear want to take up residence, we need to look back and remember.  God is faithful.  He does love us. He has a plan for good, and we can trust Him.  Even when free-falling in faith......especially when free-falling in faith.  Just remember, you have a mustard seed, and you are not afraid to use it.

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