Monday, February 16, 2015

Twelve Days of Delight

Jan and me
We arrived at Jan and Lanny's on Wednesday afternoon, January 21st and loaded up again to head north on February 2nd.  We packed a lot into the time we spent with them.  They were such gracious hosts, opening their home to us for 12 days and nights. We enjoyed good meals at home and in restaurants,. worshiped in the two churches they like to attend, and did some shopping.  First and foremost a new hat and boots for Joel....second a bit of shopping for myself. 

Lutheran church we attended
Joel and Lanny goofing off
on boot shopping day
Joel biked almost every day and we walked several days.  Joel rode close to 90 miles while we were there and we enjoyed a few brisk walks around the area, including one down to the coffee shop 1.5 miles away.  On the way there a coyote crossed in front of us.....Joel saw several while biking.  Quail and many kinds of birds too. 
A  photo op with a Saguaro cactus
on one of our walks

We did some sight-seeing, too.  We went up to Tortilla Flats in the mountains and ate lunch at a place looking out over Canyon Lake.  The roads had us taking deep breaths while our phone cameras captured the amazing views.   We went to a huge swap meet and a small art festival.  We played cards, talked endlessly and laughed often.  Great fun!


While in Arizona we visited our friends Linda and Jim.  I have known them since I was a child, and they are Godparents to our oldest daughter, Bethany.  They hosted a mini-school reunion where I connected with a few people from high school.  We also went back to see Linda and Jim on another day, visiting again to catch up with each other.  Such fun to see them.  What a blessing they are!

Linda and me
Reunion ladies....
Karen, Mary, Linda, Vickie and Barb
We were able to spend an evening with Linny, Dwight and the family, too but I will share about that next time.  We celebrated with Jan for her birthday, and spent a few hours with their good friends going to church and out to eat. 

Much to our surprise, Joel really liked where we were in Phoenix.  Lots of nature, rugged landscapes, and mountain views.  The weather was great with a morning chill, warm sun in the afternoons and cool off at night.  Reminded us of summers in eastern Montana.  We have many good memories of our time with Jan and Lanny, and we are so grateful for their love and hospitality!

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NanaNor's said...

Hi Renee, Thank you and the knee team for your prayers. Being home has made such a difference, but still pretty sore-it will get easier every day. I left Linny a comment after I went to her blog-thank you for sending the link.
Praying for your time in the warm weather.
Hugs & love,