Thursday, February 19, 2015

Laughing, Hugging, And Praying Together: Only God!!

Linny and me

Sharing a hug and a laugh
When we made plans to go to Phoenix, I contacted my friend Linny about getting together and hugging in person for the first time.  I began following Linny's blog, A Place Called Simplicity a few years ago, and that led to emails and then conversations on the phone. We soon realized we have a lot in common, as Linny says in her blog post  HERE:

One day there was a need and we spoke on the phone for a long while.

She and I shared similar pasts and were in similar situations.
Adoptive moms.
Large families.
Pastor's wives
Among other things.

We have talked and texted now for a few years.  I also have the privilege of facilitating her prayer group, The Knee Team, which has been a blessing for me.  I never thought much about meeting in person, since I was very ill when we began our friendship, and was not leaving home except to see the doctors.  But God had other plans.  Joel and I were both healed and life has been quite an adventure of thanksgiving ever since!  Joel and I were both so thankful we were able to get together with the Saunders! 

Linny and Dwight

Joel and I with the younger kids
What a delight they were!

So, a visit to Linny's world was on our list and God opened the doors.  We were able to fellowship with them, enjoying a meal together, and ending our time in prayer.  As I said before, it was surreal to sit with the family and break bread.  I found myself very reflective, emotional, and so grateful that God guided us over the years for us to be friends.  Only God!

I am showcasing Ruby here because Linny just finished writing her
book about Ruby's amazing journey.
I will let everyone know when it comes out.
I can hardly wait to read it!

Isn't God amazing?  He loves us so much and is in every detail of our lives.  Who would have thought that Linny's life in Colorado and my life in Iowa would bring us together in Arizona!  I just love how God orchestrates our lives, bringing joy and blessings into our days. weaving the tapestry of our journeys into a beautiful work of art!  To God be the glory!!


Mom Of Many said...

Awww Renee! I loved our time together - it was just too short! Joel is such a blessing as well and you two make a powerful team before the Lord. Thank you for praying with us! We love you both so much and we pray that Phoenix is on your "To Do" list regularly. Love you sweet friend!! xoxo

Anita Johnson said...

It is amazing how God brings us together! So glad to read glad we met too!

Debbie Huffaker said...

Actually getting to meet our blogging friends is so awesome. I've done that with one who lives in Florida when she and her husband came to TN for a vacation. HOPE you have a great rest of the weekend, Ms. Renee!