Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

It is Saturday morning in our corner of the world and to be honest I'm really missing the nice dry weather of Arizona,  Part of it is the virus that I am fighting and the return of pain.  Interestingly enough, the pain I still battle was around 50% less while we were in the Southwest.  So I'm whining about the -30 wind chills and endless cold temperatures.  I know it could be worse.....lots worse.  We all know that the East coast is going through a brutal winter!   Cold and endless snow, records broken.  The pictures have been amazing!

Speaking of pictures, I have been posting pictures on Facebook and my blog of our latest journey.  After being homebound for so long, anytime we pack our suitcases and head out it is an adventure!  On this trip we stayed in 9 hotels and each time we were located on the second floor.  After a few hotels, I would confuse our rooms....numbers 209, 220, 216, 207, etc. etc.  I would wake in the early hours and think, now where is the bathroom in this room?  (We forgot our nightlight, so it was dark in the rooms) And when I went out of  the hotel room door I would always stop and try to remember which way the elevator was located.  For two nights after we arrived home I woke up at night and thought..."What hotel are we in?" and then answered my own question..."Oh, yeah, we are home.  I'm in my own bed."  Joel enjoyed more than a few laughs over my inability to get myself to the lobby.  Especially since I am the navigator on all our trips! 

Speaking of Joel, this week has been a busy one for him.  Sunday services, Ash Wednesday services, getting two sermons ready, church council, Men's Breakfast, and pre-marriage counseling.  He came home from vacation and took off running. I have been a bit slow out of the gate this week.  A virus, an increase in pain, and fatigue have come to visit.  They are not taking up residence though. We don't give unwelcome guests a room to stay it!  We continue to walk at the mall, and even though we prefer being outside, we are thankful to have a place to walk!

Last night we fixed a new recipe....a salad, but with a "Linny" twist on it.  When we went to their home for supper we ate a gluten free, meat free meal and it was delish.  Salads are a staple for us but they added rice, black and pinto beans, cheese, sour cream, salsa, and tortilla chips to theirs.  We decided to treat ourselves to a few meatless meals and followed suit.  It's good and good for you!!

Life moves us through so many seasons, and today I smile as I think about this moment  in time when those little nieces and nephews who we rejoiced over as they entered the world, are now marrying and creating families of their own.  Periodically Joel has the privilege of officiating at one of their weddings and today he is doing pre-marriage counseling for one couple planning a summer wedding. We pray God's blessings on them as they begin their journey.......and we cannot help but reflect and rejoice that we have had 46.5 years of married life to reflect on. 

I plan to continue sharing our latest adventure with you readers who have interest.  Writing it all here helps me keep a record/journal of the journey.  What an amazing time we had.  Joel is sitting on the ledge/bench up at the Chapel in the Rock in Sedona AZ.  It is a Catholic chapel that is built into the rocks.  No railings made the heights of this place dizzying for both Joel and I.  The sun shone into the chapel and it was as one friend would call it, "holy ground".  More on that this coming week!

I am still reading a Kris Vollotton book and a light mystery.  I have been watching more online teachings, a little TV, and catching up with blogger friends.  What book graces your nightstand? 

Until next time..............

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