Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday's Scribbles

It is Saturday morning here in our arctic corner of the world, and we are bundled up this Valentine's Day since wind chills are -25!! Ugh!  We Arrived  home to cold, snow, sleet, and -19 wind chills and the weather has only gotten worse.  We really were not ready to come home, and we are definitely longing for Gold Canyon AZ today!

We came home tired.  Okay, to be honest I was exhausted after averaging only 6 hours sleep per night.  I have been playing catch up with naps, and 8-9 hours sleep every night under my Woolie.

We unloaded as soon as we got home Monday night, and unpacked most everything.  Then Tuesday and Wednesday we washed several loads of clothes.......although not the dishes because we discovered the kitchen drain was clogged.  Wednesday afternoon the roter rooter guys came and all is well now 😊.  Thursday I rested and.....rested. Two naps and lots of sofa time. Friday was a full day including a good walk at the mall.  Today we walked at the mall and then ate lunch at Ruby Tuesday's.  The fireplace sure felt good when we came back home.  Before we left for Gold Canyon/Phoenix I used to tell Joel what the temperature was there every that we are home,  he tells me!

Speaking of home, our twenty-three days of vacation were great.  4,140 miles on the road, 22 nights away from our cozy beds, 8 states visited and great times with family and friends.  Amazing.

I have been writing about our latest adventure here, so today I thought I would share about meals eaten.  69 meals to be exact.  Normally I eat a Paleo modified diet.  We don't eat out a lot, so on this adventure we made the usual plan to take our trusty cooler ( 33 years old and a true testimony as to the endurance of heavy plastic!) and food basket along.  We always stay in hotels with a microwave and fridge, and eat suppers in our room. We replenished our food stash at a Whole Foods or local grocery stores along the way.  Joel ate out mostly for lunch, while I ate yogurt.  Sometimes two meals a day of yogurt.  That was not cool, but necessary. Mostly we ate free breakfasts at the hotels.....eggs, etc.  When we stayed in Las Posadas in Sedona we enjoyed a yummy Mexican breakfast...... with taco shell, pinto beans, fried eggs, etc., minus the peppers for me. There was only one time while on the road that we both ate out and that was our last day, only an hour from home!  Ha...  We always carry snacks and plenty of water, too.  Of course Joel's coffee breaks kept him fueled to drive the whole way.  Poor guy.

While at my sister Jan and BIL Lanny's we enjoyed really great meals, and it was fun going out to some good restaurants.  Linny also served us a delicious gluten free meal when we went to visit them. It is on our menu to make here.  It was almost surreal to sit at the table with the Saunders family and break bread.  God is so good!

The most fun we had eating out was on our way through Colorado when we went with our grandson Eli and his family to a place called Cinzzetti's in north Denver.  It was an Italian place...huge.....and you paid a set price and were able to go from station to station where you could choose pastas, salads, seafoods, desserts, pizzas, etc.  Every station had their own staff and the food was delicious.  What an adventure!

Lunch at Cinzzetti's
Joel and grandson Eli on left
Grandma Tracy (Alisha's mom), Alisha (Eli's mom)
Brianna (Eli's sister) and Ivan (Eli's dad)

Eli, age 12

Me, trying Canole' for the first time
Of course it was delish but so sweet I only ate one bite

I think we watched TV or the news only a few times while we were gone.  We were saddened this week to hear of the death of Bob Evans who was a news correspondent for CBS and 60 minutes.  All those wars he covered, and then he was killed in a car accident.  Our prayers are with his family.

I have spent the past few days catching up on the online teachings I have missed, catching up with family, doing a little reading, and catching up on sleep!   What have you been up to?

Happy Valentine's Day!  May you all experience the love of family and friends, and the joy of knowing how much our Lord loves each and every one of us!

Until next time.................

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Anita Johnson said...

I have finally had some time to sit and read your last few blog entries. It looks like you had an absolutely wonderful many miles, meals, places and family to be with! You know this makes me smile to read! I would be resting too! It is bitterly cold here too -6 right now. Looking out the window, I will try to picture cactus! Ha!