Thursday, December 3, 2015

In The Midst of it All

I woke up this morning after 9 1/2 hours of sleep and thought.....I don't really want to go to Bible study today.  I have no energy, I am down and out, and lets add a little "poor me" to that.  I hurt and I don't like going out in public without a bra.  Seriously, I am way to over-endowed for this kind of free living!  I told Joel I was not sure I was going and he said, "Well just ask Holy about it. "  I knew I was not in a good place when I resisted asking.......

I showered, dressed and then asked.  I asked Holy if He wanted me to go to Bible Study......He said, "It is up to you."  I then asked if it would help me if I went and before I could finish asking I got a strong, "Yes!"  Okay then.

I went in down and came out up.  Isn't that just how it goes when we study the Word, share with fellow believers, and are able to lay hands on and pray over those in need.  Hearing the faith stories of others is always uplifting.  Seeking wisdom found in His Word encourages.....Getting the perspectives of others enlightens.  Praying for others brings our focus on the One.  God is in the midst of His people.

.  This morning I saw on the TV a written statement concerning this latest mass murder in CA.  "GOD IS NOT FIXING THIS"  I don't know what it means and I am not so sure I want to know either.

Where is God in the midst of it all?  In the midst of a newborn baby who's brain is the midst of a waiting room with women suffering from the affects of the midst of a group of people celebrating Christmas who are gunned down by senseless the midst of it all.......

God is in the midst of it all.  It is much easier to see God at work in a room full of women studying prayer, and actively praying, then in the midst of a senseless  act of violence or a baby dying.  God does not want this baby dying, women suffering, mass murders.  NO.  It is Heever from God.  It is the enemy that has come to kill, steal, and destroy.  Not God.

God weeps with us.  I had someone ask me once where God was when I was being sexually abused as a young child.  I told this person that God was with me, holding my hand and crying with me.  God weeps today too.  He waits in expectation for us to seek Him.  God weeps with those who mourn the loss of life yesterday in CA.  He walks with those who endure the radiation in the hope of restoring their health, and provides the wisdom and care of the medical world.  He comforts the baby who's brain is dying.  He heals.

I don't pretend to have answers to the whys of sickness, disease, pain, abuse, and murder that comes against people.  BUT when the world seems to be losing its senses, when the enemy of God seems to be winning the battles, what I do have is His Word and His promises. And His Word is truth.  I do have His truth.  I hold tightly to His truth.  It is all there, inside those pages. And the truth sets us free.

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