Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Remembering The Good News

I am thinking people are as weary of my long saga with breast cancer treatment as I am, so after today I plan on just brief updates.  I am recording this for myself as much as others.

I hit a wall this weekend with a big loss of energy and it has not returned.  I am peeling alot under my breast and oozing and bleeding.  It is painful and not pretty.  I am now using telfa non-adherent pads to soak up the oozing.  Add to that a sinus issue that has me getting dizzy when I lay down or sit up and I am feeling pretty beat up.  Yesterday they had to remap and it took 45 minutes.  It is hard not to move a muscle when you lay on a very hard table and your head is on a hard object pressing on the bone behind my ear.  I was so dizzy, hurting, and exhausted.  It just sent me over the edge.

Thus the crying yesterday when I was talking to the nurse.  Seriously not cool.  I also saw the doctor yesterday and he may delay the remaining 7 treatments a couple days which means I would be having treatments Christmas week.  That stinks.  Our family is coming.  He wanted me on pain meds and I said no.  He wanted me on steroids and I said no.  I am using a lidicaine/silverdene cream for burn patients. Yeah, am feeling pretty beat up.  But please remember that this does not happen to everyone.  Skin issues happen but not always to this extent.  My body had 27 years of Lyme and recovery was not 100%  when I started this journey.

It is the Christmas season, and I am trying to hold on to the joy.  The good news is this is almost over. The good news is I am done with full breast treatments and they are just targeting the tumor area. The good news is this will end, I will heal, and I will be myself again.

And most importantly, the good news is that Christmas is coming and Jesus is still King!


Sharon said...

Dear Lord, I bring before You in this moment, dear Renee. She's been through so much, and she is such a strong and faithful person. But there are just times when we crumble under the weight of suffering. When our weariness overcomes us, and we succumb to our very real human emotions. I ask, first and foremost, that You will bring miracles to Renee's healing process. Relieve her of pain, mend the sores, and remove the cancer from her body. But then, I also ask that You bring to her a powerful sense of Your presence. That she will be comforted by Your arms, surrounded by Your peace, and strengthened by the sure knowledge that You are there, every step of the way. Carry her when when her steps are faltering. And thank You for the promise that You will never let us slip or fall.

Lord, I bring before You in this moment, dear Renee.


(I've always been comforted by this verse (Isaiah 42:3, AMP): "A broken reed He will not break [off] and a dimly burning wick He will not extinguish [He will not harm those who are weak and suffering]...")

Debbie Huffaker said...

Ms. Renee, don't quit giving your updates. Although I don't comment like I should, I really do care. Prayers for healing, sweet Lady.

Gayle said...

Oh, thinking of you and praying often. Yes, the good news it is almost over.