Thursday, January 25, 2018

A New Day In a New Year

I have been pretty excited this year to celebrate Joel's early morning wake up miracle.  I am not sure why, except that it is still over the top amazing for me to think about.  In our research on healing through prayer, about 1/3 of the people who are healed have it happen instantly.  The other 2/3 of the people heal through a process.  We have described Joel's healing as a microwave healing, where as mine was and continues to be more of a slow cooker type.  :)

Joel prayed for the Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia to die.............and it did.............but along with that His body had a complete overhaul when other conditions I mentioned also left his body.  He did not have to slowly build up was just there.  Bam!  Before his healing, he could not ride his bike at all....but after his healing he could ride 10 miles and rides 20 miles at a time now.  His muscles healed immediately too.  We just cannot give enough thanks to God for this.  Joel spoke to his mountain just like Jesus tells us to in scripture, and the mountain fell right into "the sea".  The impossible made possible because Jesus paid the price on the cross.

It is hard to wrap our brains around, isn't it.  I can remember when Joel shared his story with a few colleagues and then a few months later ran into one who asked him...."Are you still in remission?  Are you still feeling better?"  Joel's reply?  "NO I am not in remission.  I am healed and I feel great!"

Joel and I have done a great deal of research on healing since this journey began.  We have talked with and observed people healed immediately or some getting better. pain leaving, energy returning.  A great thing to be a part of.  We have had disappointment too, but we cannot let negative experiences sway us now from what we believe to be true.

Our book shelves hold around 40 books on healing and Holy Spirit.  We have watched endless teachings and conferences and we have spent many hours in scripture and prayer on the subject because we have so much to learn.  We know that God placed us on this journey and we want to keep moving forward, being open to all He has for us.

So today is the first day into yet another new year of new beginnings.  Our lives have been defined  by B/H and A/H.  Before healing and After healing.  Ok, I admit, that is a bit drastic, but we know we can never go back to what our life was before God showed us His healing power and the gifts of Holy Spirit.  We stepped into a spiritual realm that only makes us seek more of Him and His love.  We are so grateful.  So grateful.

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