Friday, June 22, 2018

Plan B

Joel meets with a few colleagues on a Thursday morning once a month.  He has been a part of this group of pastors from North Iowa since we moved here 22 years ago.  They come together to share, discuss, and enjoy each other's company over morning coffee and lunch.

This month they were going to meet at the big park here in town.  Joel offered to bring the coffee and rolls, and hold the shelter until everyone arrived.  And then the rain came.  Again.  It rained all night and continued in the morning.  A Plan B was needed. so we welcomed the group to our home.

We are celebrating our 50th anniversary next weekend.  The plan is to have it at our home, with family and a few friends joining our celebration.  A tent canopy in the back yard with table and chairs is on the agenda along with some good food and fellowship.  There is just one thing we cannot control............the weather.  And the weather does not look good.  The forecast is consistently telling us it will be 91 degrees with chance of rain and a lot of humidity.  A Plan B is needed, so we put one into place.

Joel, who loves nature, was a bit bummed by the Plan B for his group, and we are a bit bummed by the necessity for a Plan B for our wedding anniversary, but remembering that it is not the location that is so important, it is the time together with those we love and care about.

On a much more serious note, our youngest daughter went in for same day surgery and ended up in the CCU with seizures that started after surgery.  She was kept intubated and sedated through the day and night.  Then today she was doing really well when the seizures started again.  An MRI and EEG ruled out any brain disorder or tumor.  She was diagnosed with pseudo-seizures, and thankfully does not have epilepsy.  She will be taking anti-seizure meds and making some changes in her life.   This was definitely a really big Plan B.

How often in life do we need a plan B?   I think we can all name a few.   Life seems to be what happens while we are making other plans.  What we hold on to is the knowledge that God walks with us through every Plan B.  The big ones and the little ones.  We hold our plans loosely and pray for God to guide our way, trusting He is with us.  Our Plan B's are no surprise to him.  He is there to work out all things for good.  His plans are for good and not for evil.  That is what we remember. 

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Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, happy, happy 50th anniversary. What a wonderful milestone! I HOPE you all can have your celebration according to your PLAN A, and not have to go to B. What a scare you had to have with your daughter's health. Prayers that she doesn't have any more episodes like that and the meds help her.