Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Shofar's Message

For the past few months Holy Spirit has been guiding me concerning spiritual warfare.  It began in April during a time when we asked Jesus what kind of armor He wanted to give us.  For myself I immediately saw an angel pick up a shofar (a ram's horn) and hand it to me.  I was confused on what it meant but when I looked up information on the shofar, I discovered it was used to battle in the spirit realm, to confuse the enemy, and also for worship and praise.  Our question and God's answer put me on a path that continues today.

In May as I meditated I saw before me a huge angel possibly 9ft. tall.  He looked fierce, wearing a type of armor.  He had what looked like to be 4 wings.  I heard him pull a sword from the sheath at his waist.  Then I heard Jesus say, "You need to take this seriously."  I asked Him, "Take what seriously"?  I then heard the word, "warfare".  I replied, "I'm so weary of warfare."  I immediately saw hundreds of angels~ some on foot and some on horseback.  They were behind the 9 ft. angel. I felt the need to ask "What do I need to do?"  I heard the word, "DECLARE".  Immediately I heard the shofar and then saw one in my hand.  I saw myself lift it up high and turned to face the opposing army. They were on horseback and foot, wearing dark gray slate armor with their faces covered.   Each step we took forward caused the enemy's army to take a step back.

Then in early June I asked God to let us see in the spirit realm and immediately I saw the 9 ft. angel again.  He had 6 wings that were spread out.  He had a chiseled and very serious face, piercing eyes, although I don't remember the color.  He also had reddish blond hair.  There was a radiant light streaming behind him.  I heard, "I am here for you.  I am assigned to you.  I am fighting for you. I am with you always."  I said again, "I am weary of fighting" and he replied, "This is a war."  I then noticed I was wearing shoes of "peace" that I have seen in past visions, and Joel was standing beside me.  I saw a trumpet being blown and I heard it, but it sounded like a shofar.   I asked, "What do you want us to do?" and God laughed.  He said, "Don't ask questions, just focus on this."  We each were given a trumpet, handed to us the way surgical instruments are given to surgeons...precise and firm.  We then walked ahead with the trumpets,  blowing them.  We heard shofar sounds and then took a step.  Then again the shofar sound and took another step.  We were told again, "Declare.  Declare the works of the Lord."

In 2 Chronicles Jehoshaphat was told to send his worshipers and singers out ahead of the soldiers who were going to be fighting a number of armies.  He was obedient and his worshipers and singers went out ahead of the army.  As they did so, the opposing armies turned on each other and all died.  Worship and praise can be a weapon of warfare.  I'm thinking, so can declarations and praise for God's goodness in our lives.

Just this week I was re-reading what I had written about these visual experiences and I felt strongly that God wanted me to share these with the public again as a prophetic word for others, not just ourselves.  I have prayed and asked about it as I usually only "get" what I see for us, but He seems to want His people who are "weary of warfare" to know that He is with you always.  He is here for you.  His angels are assigned to you.  Encamped around you.   And what is warfare?  Sickness, disease, anxiety, financial difficulties, anything that seems like an uphill battle. He is fighting with you and for you.  . Victory will be yours.  Declare His goodness.  Declare all the times He has healed you.  Declare and give thanks for His promises, especially the ones He has spoken over your life.  Yes, worship and praise, declaring the goodness of the Lord.

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