Tuesday, August 21, 2018

We Weep For Molly's Family

Central Iowa has been in the spotlight the past few weeks due to a young college student named Molly who went missing in mid July.  Today her body was found in a field.  I cannot imagine the deep sorrow her family is going through.  Sadly, like many others, my thoughts were that at least her family will have closure.   

Around the same time as Molly T. went missing a woman was kidnapped from her home in rural Fergus Falls Minnesota while here four children were at home.  A once convicted sex offender broke into their home and took the mom by gunpoint.  Her ten year old son was able to see and describe the truck that the man drove.  The woman was rescued in another town when a deputy identified the vehicle and stopped the man.  This young woman was Joel's cousin's grandson's wife.  David Simonson was a missionary in Tanzania for 50 years   His grandson was raised in Africa too, but it was when he was living in a quiet rural area near a small town in Minnesota that his wife and children went through this trauma.  How can Africa be safer than America? 

It was just a few years ago that two young girls went missing from a town not far from here.  There bodies were eventually found, too.  But Jodi Huisentruit, who was a newscaster here in our micro-city, went missing over 20 years ago and has still not been found. 

I just don't understand how evil people can be.  How do they get to such a place?  In is difficult to comprehend or understand, isn't it.  Everyone has their thoughts on this I am sure.  I ponder in my heart how much the violence on TV and in video games and movies plays a part in violent behavior.  It cannot be good even if it does not create monsters.  What we watch, what we let our eyes see and our ears hear makes a difference in our lives. 

Today I weep for this family, who had a sweet, ambitious, loving, vibrant daughter whom "everybody loved" and now she is gone.  It was not her time to die.  It was her time to live, but a broken man in our broken world took her life for his pleasure.  God weeps with her family today.  We all do. 

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