Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Vein Whisperer

We were in the infusion center at the cancer center last night.......quietly praying as a nurse tried to get an IV line into my rebellious vein.  This journey with cancer has brought with it veins that don't want to give blood and even collapse at times.  The nurse tried, I gritted my teeth as she attempted.....but the vein collapsed so she had to start over.  She said, "You know, I am going to have A. come and do this.  She is really good at working with unruly veins."  And A. was.  She found a vein she liked, and quickly without pain got the IV line placed.  I received the first of a week's daily IV antibiotic injections and we were home by 6:15pm.  They work late at the Cancer infusion center.  When A. left our area, Joel said to me, "She is a vein whisperer...  she knows how to talk to the veins and get them to cooperate!"  She definitely had a gift and was using it to help others.

I have heard of horse whisperers.........even dog whisperers......but a vein whisperer was a new one.  I just love how God is in the midst of our circumstances.  He even provides the right nurse in a difficult situation.

Last Friday I saw the oncologist and because of how weak I was and the low white count, he did a few cultures.  Blood and urine....and an x-ray.  The urine showed two different bacteria growing so thus the IV antibiotics.  I was taken off the treatment pills, but given the monthly injections.  We have seen a bit of improvement with my energy.  I am now able to dress daily and get my own breakfast.  It was that bad.  I still nap twice a day and sleep 10 hrs at night, but then again, I am trying to heal from a surgery that went wrong, two bacterial infections, and I am fighting cancer,  Off the Verzenio I can taste food again, am not nauseated, and a bit stronger.  I expect I will go back on tomorrow, but we will see what the doctor has to say.

We feel like our cancer center here is a real gift.  The staff is helpful, kind, and very efficient.  Dr. Singh is treating my whole body which we feel is so important.  Yeah.  In the midst of this awful journey, we are blessed.

A song that has come to my attention is giving us hope and courage for each day. It is sometimes an effort and a sacrifice of praise we raise, but there is always  a blessing to be found.  Always a reason to give praise.    We are raising a song of praise for a "vein whisperer" today!  The song was created when a young boy at Bethel Church in Redding CA was fighting for his life a year ago.  I remember it well.  A powerful miracle saved this young child and the world rejoiced as the enemy was defeated!
I hope you enjoy it.............

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Cheryl Qualey said...

Love the song. Your words hit home for me as I found out yesterday that I have colon cancer that has spread to the uterus. I'm waiting for a call to set up an oncology appt and will start chemo asap. The unknown is so scary!! I believe in the power of prayer and have many people praying for me. God will get us through this.

Also praying for you and Joel as you continue your journey. God bless.