Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sooooooo Big!

When my children were little babies I used to play a game with them where I would ask them the question...."How big are you?" And in reply, they would raise their arms high and I would say, "Sooooooo big!" They loved this silly little game and would smile and giggle when we played it.

Today I was reminded of how big our God is. Lately I have had a return of the dreaded neuropathy that can spin my world out of control as I try to cope with the intense nerve pain all over my body. It has not been this bad in 3 years and I found myself overwhelmed by its presence. Besides that, my husband and I are on a new treatment program for our Lyme Disease and co-infections, and we both have been feeling awful. Spending yet another holiday alone and isolated due to our illnesses was disheartening. All my joy was being depleted, depression was setting in, and I began to focus only on our problems, instead of focusing on our God.

I cannot deny what is happening in our lives, but the best way to get through it is to take my eyes off the problem and keep then on God. God is soooooooooooo BIG! He is mighty, powerful, loving, compassionate, and nothing is too big for God. Nothing. Just like when my children were babies, I can ask myself, "How big is God?" And with a smile on my face I can reply...."He is SOOOOO BIG!"


Jan Lyn said...

So sorry to hear about your returned symptoms and difficulties. It is truly hard. You have beautifully captured the joy in trusting God within in though with this common memory we all have had with our babies. How precious were those moments and how precious our moments are still with God. This is a simple, yet profound message that blessed me and will bless all that cross your path Renee!
Praying for you today.
Jan Lyn

Renee said...

Thank you Jan Lyn...always enjoy your comments....hugs to you and yours...you are all in my prayers.