Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Wonders of Nature

Wild Tigerlilies
Burgundy impatiens peeking out.

Morning dew on a Mexican Wedding Plant bloom.
A geranium shares it's beauty!


Anonymous said...

I am always amazed at the intricacies of each and every bloom God created. Thanks for sharing these photos Renee.

Jan Lyn said...

Absolutely beautiful. Isn't it just like God to grow his creativity all over to enjoy. This was extra special for me to see, as we have had a drought here a few weeks and so the deer have eaten up all my flowers, even the 'deer resistant' ones AND the ones right out of my window boxes attached to my house! They are not shy.
Thanks for sharing, Renee. :)

Meli n Pat said...


Joan said...

These are beautiful, Renee. God has given us so much beauty to care for and enjoy.


Renee said...

Hi Mildred
Glad you enjoyed the photos...I feel the same way!

Renee said...

Goodness, with all the rain this summer I did not think anywhere had a drought....glad you could enjoy my blooms...they are in abundance this year due to the rain and humidity.

Renee said...

Thanks Meli!

Renee said...

Thanks Joan....God's beauty is amazing isn't it.