Monday, March 7, 2011

Get Up Girl!

The Lord and I have been having quite a few conversations lately while I visualize sitting at His feet in a beautiful garden.  I find myself often asking for His forgiveness as I continue to learn the difficult process of letting go of fears when they play a mighty drum in my head and heart.  God and I know that this has been my biggest "issue" since I was a young child.  Yet, in His deep and endless love He continues to treat me with grace and kindness as I walk this journey.  I am determined to not live another year worrying about what will come.  I am speaking today with what a friend calls, "simple transparency" to bring light into these dark places in my life and possibly some of yours.  I have certainly learned over the years that fear is a huge weapon Satan uses in the lives of many people.

I have shared here before that fear has had a stronghold over me in two areas of my life..... 1. Fears of health issues (ahh the irony ~ since I live with chronic illnesses and am now a cancer survivor).  and 2.  Fears of not being safe.  Lately the first one has lifted its ugly head. The past 10 days I have been given a truckload of encouragement and support from several devotionals, blog posts, a dear friend, my practitioner, my husband, and scriptures.  All provided by God.  Amazing grace. 

I found one from the Daily Guidepost 2011 devotional very helpful and hope some of you do too.
Written by Julie Garmon, she shares:

"I have this theory.  I think most of us struggle with one big thing in life.  For me it is fear.  It trips me up over and over...If I allow even one pip-squeak of fear to tip-toe into my thoughts, it stirs up others.  What if my mind goes blank when I speak in from of a crowd?  What if that mole is not really a mole....What if.....what if....."

Sometimes, many times I write in my prayer journal ~ Jesus I know I must be wearing you out with the same old same old.  And I sense Him smiling at me, laughing in a kind, relaxing way. As I read these words from John 5:18 I can almost hear Him say~

"Get up, pick up your pallet and walk Julie.  You don't have to stay in fear all huddled under the sheets today.  You have been stuck here on your pallet before, remember?  Get up, girl.  Get out of that sickbed. You have a life to live.  There is freedom if you want it."

"When I take hold of Jesus' hand the fear scrams.  Every time."

The words Julie shared as from Jesus really spoke to me!  I do have a life to live and I desire the freedom that comes with being letting go of those things that separate us from God's best for us.  Don't you?!

"Get up, girl!"

 Amazing grace!   Grace me again, Lord!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Renee for sharing this wonderful and inspiring post. God bless you.

Elaine said...

Beautiful and full of enouragement. God is so good to us, isn't he?

I also have fear issues. Hence the high anxiety levels, etc... This is a good reminder that God has it all in control.

I feel so much of what you said.

God Bless You Both,


Jan Lyn said...

I can so relate to this piece and share your fears and need for safety. Even going to the doctor 'feels' unsafe to me. But you are so full of encouragement and truth. God never tires of us and is always with us.
Great that you journal. I find keeping a personal journal so helpful and healing.