Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Lap for Levi

In the past couple of days our 11 yr old Miniature Schnauzer Levi has been feeling a bit out of sorts.  I know this because if I sit on the loveseat, he sits next to me.  If I am in the recliner, he often tries to climb in and lay with me.  Today when I said no to his attempt to jump up on my lap, he climbed into the chair right next to mind and tried to climb over the arm into my lap!  Persistence!  Levi definitely was looking for some TLC, and seeking assurance that all is well.

There are times we all are in need of a little TLC.  We may feel vulnerable or out of sorts.  Where to do we find the assurance we need?  From God of course!  He is there for us.  He is waiting for us to ask for help ~for some tender loving care, and unlike my response to Levi, he never says no to our need for assurance.  He promises to be with us always, and we can trust His promises.

"And, lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."
Matthew 28:20


Anonymous said...

I hope Levi feels better soon. Give him an extra hug from me.

Your post is so true and what a comforting verse.

Yesterday, we learned that my husband will need a needle biopsy of a tumor on his salivary gland next week. We would greatly appreciate your prayers.

You and Joel are in my heart and prayers as well, Renee.

Renee said...

Keeping you in prayer, Mildred. For John's biopsy and for no cancer to be found.

Joan said...

Great post, Renee. I'm so thankful we can rest upon His promises.

Hope Levi feels better soon.


Elaine said...

Isn't it amazing how sensitive our little guys can be? Hope he feels better soon...

God is so good. Its so nice to know that He will never reject us. What a wonderful blessing that is.

God Bless,

dominique said...

Leave looks like I have been feeling as of late!

A big hug to him.

And a big hug to you. I hope you continue to make incremental steps towards regaining lost ground.

Renee said...

Thanks Joan!

Renee said...

Thanks Elaine!

Renee said...

Praying for you Dominique