Friday, April 15, 2011

Obedience And Love

"Three things will last forever~faith, hope, and love~and the greatest of these is love." 
I Corth. 13:13

This week a friend spent time in an orphanage holding a tiny little baby girl who was fighting to for her life.  Several of the women who went to Uganda together on a mission trip, held this precious baby and others, giving them the love and comfort they so lacked.  Unfortunately, this tiny little baby died during the night.  The women were heartbroken at this turn of events.

With distance between me and their heartfelt pain and sorrow, I thought about this.  For a short period of time, in obedience to God, these women far from home, gave love to some of God's orphaned children.  For one little sweetheart it was an experience that prepared her for her heavenly home. Her death broke Linny's heart.   No longer is she able to hold this little one, but as she said, "God is holding her in His arms now."  One of the other women said the pain she felt was so great, she did not think she could go back and do it again.  I can only imagine what these women felt during their mission trip.

Obedience to God can be painful at times.  He can ask things of us that we would rather not experience. Because, really, it is not about us.  It is about obedience to God's will for our lives.  It is about loving others.  It is about GOD! 

Lord Jesus, what a precious gift you gave those tiny bundles when they were held with love.  What a precious gift you gave your servants in Uganda.  What a precious gift you gave me in reading about their journey.  What a wonderful welcome home I am seeing for the little one who died.  The angels sang I am sure, and oh what love and comfort she feels now.  Beyond our imagination.  To God be the glory. 

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sarah said...

I love that your friend was able to hold that baby before it died. She gave it a gift that nothing can buy....thanks Renee...for this beautiful post.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

May the Lord bring you peace and wisdom in this season of life Renee.


MTJ said...

Hi Renee,

Thank you for sharing this post on giving love. I like when Linny said,
""God is holding her in His arms now."

Blessings and peace.


Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

I can't even begin t imagine what these ladies felt. They have such a special heart for being there.
God Bless,

Jan Lyn said...

How sad, and yet beautiful an account. I'd like to think that God has someone for every precious person to make their journey into his arms that much easier and filled with love; love with the source in him.
Thank you for sharing this. Your blog is beautiful and I love the new look.

Joan said...

Hi Renee:

Yes, obedience to God is not always without pain. So sad about this little one, but as your friend said, "God is holding her now."


Lisa notes... said...

That's a great story to help us see that we're not in charge of the results, but are only responsible to do what we can with what is in front of us. How wonderful of your friends to share God's love when they had the opportunity. Now the baby is in the arms of Jesus and can tell him how he/she was loved before dying...

Charlotte said...

Thank you for sharing this heartfelt experience. Loving can be heartbreaking but it is certainly worth it.

Elaine said...

What a blessing for your friends to have been there to hold that little one. What a shock it must have been to discover she had died. I agree with the others. She is being held by Jesus now and safe forever.

God bless the women as they work to obey God. It's certainly not always easy.

Thanks for sharing.

Crystal Mary said...

I am so glad your friend got to hold that little one as its spirit flew to Glory.. Yet I know it would have grieved her to see it loose its life on earth. So sad.
It is good of you to share. We all need to be reminded of these things and be thankful for living in our parts of the world. I have two wonderful south African doctor friends and at times they share about the headships..Have a blessed Easter Rene.

Pamela said...

It's not about's about obedience...

So true, and so often I forget that. I'm praying God will comfort the heart of your friend and those who ministered with her.

Beautiful post, Renee.