Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful And Thoughtful Thursday

It is Maunday Thursday.  I am giving thanks today for all that God did for us when He sacrificed His own son on the cross so we may have eternal life.  Thank you Lord for the hope of Heaven and life everlasting.  Thank you Lord for bringing Linny and her group home safely from their mission trip to Africa.  Thank you that Dw's legs are healing from the clots.   Thank you for your continual guidance with Shannon and her family.  Thank you Lord for guiding my Lyme doctor and for walking with me on this journey. 

Shannon, Doug, and their children Ravenna, Parker, and Georgia:

Dominique. Upnorth, and Laurel who are in severe relapses with their ME/CFS

A sweet boy in Russia who needs to go home with his adoptive family

Renee~ needs complete healing for H-Pylori and a coinfection in her stomach. Prayers the stomach pain and acid reflux will go away!  Insights with her local doctor and appt. for Monday to request an endoscope.

The right house for Joel and Renee to retire in

Ron who has colon cancer

Joe on kidney transplant list

Dr. V ~ keep her healthy and cancer free

Connie~ trip to Cuba for mission work

Lord Jesus, we lift up to you all these people, your children, your faithful servants. We ask that you reach out and touch each one of them and bring healing into their lives. You are a God of miracles, a God of healing, our Jehovah Jehri ~ our provider, our Johovan Rophe~ Lord of healing.   We ask that you move mountains on behalf of them and grant them wholeness and peace. In Jesus name. Amen


Anonymous said...

Lifting each of you up in prayer. Easter blessings to you and Joel.

Elaine said...

I join you in prayer.