Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful and Thoughtful Thursday Prayers

Praise The Lord:
Thank you Lord for blessing sweet little Georgia with a normal MRI.  Thank you for walking with her and her family through trying time and health issues.  Thank you for guiding and directing the doctors for John's salivary gland tumor and what is to be done.  Thank you Lord that H. is holding her own with recovery.  Thank you Lord that one of the two children hoping to leave Russia with their adoption family was able to do so!  Thank you that our DIL's finger is healing well.  Thank you Lord for a week of slow but steady progress in our health issues.  Thank you for walking with us through tough times.  Thank you Lord for books that inspire, music that lifts, and scripture that strengthens.

Prayers Requests for This week:

John and Mildred: John needs a biopsy on his salivary gland
H. In need of prayer for addiction
Shannon, Doug, and their children Ravenna, Parker, and Georgia:
~Ravenna has just been diagnosed with a rare blood clotting disorder
~Parker has asthma
~Georgia~ healing for her heart
Dominique. Upnorth, and Laurel who are in  severe relapses with their ME/CFS
Linny and the twenty women who are doing mission work in Uganda
A sweet boy in Russia who needs to go home with his adoptive family
Michele~ our DIL who had surgery on her finger
Renee~ needs complete healing for H-Pylori and a coinfection in her stomach
Joel~ strength and less exhaustion from Lyme
Ron who has colon cancer
Joe on kidney transplant list
Dr. V ~ keep her healthy and cancer free
Alyson~ going through a strong die off reaction with Lyme disease

Lord Jesus, we lift up to you all these people, your children, your faithful servants. We ask that you reach out and touch each one of them and bring healing into their lives. You are a God of miracles, a God of healing, our Jehovah Jehri ~ our provider. We ask that you move mountains on behalf of them and grant them wholeness and peace. In Jesus name. Amen


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your prayers for John as we remember all of these listed here and their individual prayer requests. Dear Lord, please bless our dear friend, Renee, who is a faithful and supportive friend. Wishing you and Joel a blessed weekend.

Elaine said...

Lord, I life them up to you.