Friday, January 11, 2013

"God Is With Me"

Our grandson Grant ended up in an ambulance two weeks ago heading to the ER, after breaking the large bones in his forearm while at a wrestling meet.  He landed with his full weight on his arm and snapped both bones.  I cannot imagine the pain he felt or the fear when his arm hung over in a "U" shape.  At age 11 that has to be pretty traumatic.

While in the ambulance he told his dad to call and let us know about his injury, and tell us "God is with me".  God is with me.  He was worried, even thinking he might die at one point, but he knew God was with him.   He did not understand why God did not protect Him when he had prayed for that.......but he still knew God was with him.  He was in an ambulance in terrible pain, but he wanted us to know God was with him.  As you can imagine, we were pretty proud of him at this point. And we could not help but ponder what lessons Grant was teaching us and everyone around him.

All you have to do to get yourself into a state of anxiety is watch the news.  The economy has tanked, there are so many school shootings people are afraid to put their kids on the bus, the flu is now at epidemic levels with hospitals full of people dealing with it, and according to "those that know" our world might come crashing down around us at anytime.  We are fed a steady diet of fear and dread from so many sources on a daily basis.  Do we worry?  Or do we remember that God is with us,  Do we blame God?   Or do we remember that God is with us.  Do we join in using our own voices to spread the word about the latest crisis, or do we speak Gods Word over every situation.  Do we remember, like Grant, that God is with us?

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Jan Lyn said...

Bless Grant's heart and example. A rather timely post Renee. I think fear is at an all time high amongst us and it's hard to not get caught up in the media, the flu scare, and daily chronic illness concerns. God is with us-simple and powerful words to remind us to place our burdens down. I need to do that daily. Beautiful blog, as always!

Mia De Vries said...

Hi Renee
Nice to meet you at Spiritual Sundays! Yes,dear one, you have reason to be proud of your grandson. I hope his arm is healing well. Every time I want to worry about the world, our Lord whispers to my heart, "Remember , I already overcame this world.". Praise His goodness, for then leave returns.
Much love XX

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

So beautifully said. He sure is with us! A wonderful reminder from your sweet grandson. A wise young man! Praying for his quick healing!

Sarah (Nikki) said...

HOpe Grant heals quickly and yep....he's got it. God promised to never leave us and I'm glad He can be trusted. Have a great week.