Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yes, Lord

"Does God find a resting place in you?
Where do you allow Him to rest in you?
Do you say yes when He comes to your house?  The house He created?

Today I was watching a Biblical conference and the teacher asked these questions.   They resonated within me because they connected to what I have been pondering this week with Bonnie Gray's word prompt over at Faith Barista Jam.  The word prompt was "yes".  Meditating on this word brought me to a deeper place of reflection where God made me aware that I have been struggling with wanting Him to give me the answer yes to all my hopes and dreams.   After all, God's promises are all yes and amen, right?  But maybe what I need to realize is that God's promises are not to be adapted to comply with my hopes and dreams.  Maybe instead of looking for God's yes, I need to surrender to Him with my own.

Yes, come into my house......the house you created
Yes, Lord you can find a resting place in me.
Yes, Lord, fill me...every corner of me with your love.
Yes, I trust you.
Yes, I surrender all of me
Yes, Lord I surrender my hopes and dreams in return for your
intricate weaving of my little life
Yes Lord, I trust you to have a plan for good
I rest in that plan. I rest in you.
Yes, not only do I rest in you but You rest in me. 
I  love how God uses the struggles and messes of our lives and makes them our message to a waiting world.  You need only read the comments left on Bonnie's blog to know that what she writes with such heartfelt honesty is healing balm for others.  God is good like that.  He works all things out for good even in the midst of our struggles.  Throughout Bonnie's writing on her recent journey with PTS you find a very strong thread.  Jesus is woven into her daily moments. There can be no victory without Christ.  The healing balm found at Faith Barista is Jesus.
I also stopped over and read the latest post by Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience. When a reminder of it came in my email I wondered what I would learn there today...I expected she would present her readers with a gift, a treasure we could carry on our faith walk, and I was not disappointed. She is writing on radical Christianity and as is God's way, her words, Bonnie's, the Biblical teacher from this morning, and the Holy Spirit's whispers all came together for me in the form of rest for a weary sojourner.  Yes, Lord.
I am right back where I started really.  Trust and Rest.  My words to meditate on this year.  Trust and Rest.  My yes to God is accomplished only through trust.  Resting is only accomplished through trusting.  Letting God rest in me is only accomplished through surrender and surrender is accomplished through trust.

God is always weaving His Holy Word and the words of others together, just for me. Just for you. He loves us that much.  He care about us that much.  He wants to hear our "yes" that much. 

How do you say yes to God ?
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HisFireFly said...

Yes. Surrendering to yes. Yes without understanding but in faith!

Rachael said...

Thanks for your message today! I love reading your posts each week. Blessings!

Cynthia Stevenson said...

A resting place for the Lord! Yes! If we rest in Him, His Light will flow through us and into the words needed. Great post! Found you at Faith Barista!

Gayle said...

This hymn came to my mind as I read your post, "There is a balm in Gilead, to make the wounded whole." May you say yes to wholeness!

Sharon said...

Oh, the wrestling I often do with God to settle on saying "Yes" to Him.

Surrender is truly dying to self. Terrifying and painful. But it is after the trust that we truly find the rest.


Mia De Vries said...

Hi Renee
Happy SS! Yes, dear one, all His. Promises is yes and amen on our Lord Jesus. I have found when I started to live in Him, the desires of my heart changed dramatically! A blessed week-end to you!
Much love

Lisa notes... said...

"There can be no victory without Christ."

I say yes to that for sure! I'm trying to be faithful to saying yes in the little things.

Pamela said...

No question but that I say yes to God--to anything He asks or desires for me to do. I always want my answer to be yes.

Kim Fernando said...

Renee, as always this is so right on with what I need to hear and really listen to. So often I think I'm living out the yes only to find I'm actually just looking for His yes, like you said. I have to be broken down to truly cry out yes. I want to live out the yes everyday now and not only when I'm suffering. Thank you for these thoughts to meditate on. God is so good how He uses all these things to minister to you and then allows us to be ministered to by your words.