Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Can I Do Any Less?

Last night several deer came through the yard, and among them was a three-legged doe that we recognized from last Fall.  She was missing part of one leg when we first noticed her, and while healing from what looked like a gunshot wound, she found a place to rest in our neighbor's yard.  One morning we woke up and she was gone.  I did not think she would make it, but here she was, six months later,  resurrected, living free, and managing just fine!

Often I can feel like a three-legged deer.  I limp around still struggling with limitations, tossed around by life and my body, and sometimes for a moment, an hour, a day........... I just want to lay down, curl up, and give up.  I am not proud of it, but feelings come and it takes effort to "stand firm" in the knowledge of God. 

I have pondered Ann's words today over at A Holy Experience~ the practice of resurrection.  Just how do we practice the hope that comes from a life limited, a life changed, or a life ended, for eternal life.  A new beginning.  And how do we make that a daily practice?  What enters our lives each day that speaks and sings of resurrection?

Opening my eyes to a new sunrise was a resurrection practice today.  I had watched a news report with Diane Sawyer where one of the teachers in the CT school shootings said she did not think she or her students would see another day so she told them she loved them very much wanting that to be the last thing these little ones would hear.....She said she now takes pictures of the sunrise just like she did that morning before school.....and cherishes each one.  A resurrection practice.  Can I do any less?

I had devotions with my husband of nearly 45 years today.  He often prays for me, but today i had the privilege of laying  hands on him for healing from the fatigue and flu like symptoms he is experiencing, speaking to his body and praying for him to walk in health just as God commands us to do.  A resurrection practice.  Can I do any less?

I texted with my grandson today, who is recovering from having his tonsils and adenoids removed. I was able to distract him some from the pain and frustration of not being able to talk and let him know how much we love him and that it will get better.  Reminding him that God is healing him and he will soon be back to normal.  A resurrection practice.  Can I do anything less?

Today I put before God my discouragement, laying down my three-legged feelings that are just that....feelings.  I cast my worries on Jesus one. more. time.  and picked up the Word and spoke it over my body, my mind, my heart.  I remembered all that Jesus died for and I gave Him praise for loving me, for loving all of us.....  Praise.  A resurrection practice.  Can I do any less?

A practice of resurrection.  New life or life renewed by each sunrise, by each act of love, by each moment of remembering who we are and whose we are.  A practice of knowing and seeing every day the results of Jesus raising from the dead. A practice of resurrection.  Can I do anything less?



Anita Johnson said...

I love your posts...hoping you both feel healing in the days to come.

kateaton said...

You are fighting the good fight! Thank you for the encouragement.

Renee said...

Hi Anita...thank you friend. Wishing you the same....

Renee said...

Thanks K. You are welcome and thanks for your encouraging comment too.

Kim said...

Renee, this is so important for us to remember. Thank you for the reminder and the examples of how to live this out. I hope you feel better soon and have been praying for you!