Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Something Big

I had been getting messages from God through devotionals, blogs, and my daily scripture reading. 

Trust Me......... and do not be afraid. 

For some people this would bring peace and assurance that all was well....for me it kept me wondering what was coming. Something big.  B.I.G.

A trip to the eye specialist on Monday has shaken up my world.  It seems the glaucoma has gotten worse and I have lost 90% of the nerve fibers in my eyes.  We are praying that the drops I am using to lower the pressure will protect the last vital 10% of the fibers,  so I will not lose my sight.  It sickens me to write those words and brings fear from the pit of my belly up into my throat.  

Trust Me.......... and do not be afraid.

Joel and I have been praying for my eyes for quite awhile because besides this issue, which used to be "minor" in our way of thinking, I also have cataracts that have caused a huge vision change in the past few months.  New glasses will help with that problem, at least temporarily.  Cataracts have taken the backseat to the urgent news we heard from the eye specialist. 

Yesterday I tried to go into the garden of my heart..........Jesus, Holy Spirit, and Father God came and surrounded me and as I sobbed Father God lifted me, cradling me in His arms and holding me close the way a Father would care for a frightened child.  It speaks of truth.....Father God holding His frightened age 65 child.  At the time it gave me only a little comfort, but tonight the tears are finally subsiding.  Fears ebb and flow and each time they raise their ugly heads,  like when I mentioned them above,  I am choosing not to partner with them ~ I send them back and ask Jesus for the gift of peace.

Trust Me...........and do not be afraid.

None of us know what tomorrow will hold.  That was brought to light on Monday afternoon  when two bombs went off in Boston, killing three and maiming so many others.  Once again we have been reminded that we live in a fallen world.  Life is fragile, and the enemy would like nothing more that to keep us in a state of fear as we struggle with our own vulnerability.  But Jesus speaks to us with words of truth as we walk with Him through this journey called life.

Trust Me.........and do not be afraid.


At Home on the Rock... said...

(((hugs))) Renee. So difficult when we receive such news. Keeping you in prayer (and I find your trusting attitude to be so encouraging to me)

Renee said...

Thanks so much Linda.....hugs right back!

Anonymous said...

Renee, I'm so sorry to hear of your news but you are a wise woman to trust God. I'll be praying more specifically for your eyes. I know that fear-loss of sight all to well- just trust in Him. Hugs from here to there.

Ginny S.

Anita Johnson said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your latest news. I will continue to pray for your healing. We don't know what tomorrow will bring, in many cases that might be a good thing, but we know Who is in control, the One who can give us peace and rest.

Renee said...

Thank you for coming by ananymous. Thank you for your prayers!

Renee said...

Hi Anita
Thank you for your prayers.....hope you are doing well.