Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday's Scribbles

Good Saturday morning  to all as we embrace Fall in all it's beauty from our corner of the world.  Frost glistened off the neighbor's roof as I write this.  The morning sun will quickly warm things up, but for now we are grateful the furnace is taking the chill out of the house.

Speaking of Fall, yesterday I walked outside and the air was filled with the sound of geese overhead.  I never tire of seeing and hearing our feathered friends.  We also have a doe and a rare-for-this-time of-year-spotted fawn coming through our backyard.  The last of the geranium flower heads are gone thanks to their snacking!

Preparations are in full swing for our adventure in faithful living.  So much to do!  Even so we have managed to walk daily and enjoy the Autumn weather.  Another Holy Spirit encounter left me with yet more energy and I have been busy sewing, ironing, washing and drying, baking, shopping, and on and on.  Joel has his own list to accomplish.  We make a very good team!

We have been trying to work out a date for the family to come after Christmas this year.  Each year it gets a little more complicated, mostly because the grandkids get older and are committed to sports activities.  Sadly many of the programs are run by coaches who give no respect to family holidays......or family time either.  Our son reminded me that when he was in high school he, too, had practices the days before and after Christmas.  I did not recall that.  So, we will hope and pray all can come, but if not we will celebrate with those who do.  Maybe by a miracle of God we can find another time to have them all come home at the same time!  When they do, it fills our home.  10 grandkids and 10 adults grace our home with joy!  A treasure for Joel and me.

Speaking of homes, ours is too big.  It is great the one time a year we need the space, but otherwise it is just too big and our goal is to move to a smaller home, cozy and nice for two!  It is a matter of when is the best time to move, to sell, to go forward.  We are praying about where that will be, and as time goes by we realize God is preparing us for just that ~ where he wants us to go.  What plans He has as we tell him "we are all in" for His purpose during this senior season of our lives.  Exciting.  Another adventure in faithful living. 

Which brings me back to the current adventure we are preparing for.  I have decided that during preparation and in activation I am taking a blogation.   So I'll be back when it feels right........

Until next time.............


Sharon said...

Will miss you - but pray that God will be with you and Joel as you prepare for this new adventure. I can't wait until you return from your blogation and tell us all about it!


Gayle said...

Oh Renee, you are taking a blogacation and I am just back from mine! The kitchen is all done, and I had praying about if I should just let the blog go or continue on. I went for a walk and did a mural of all the beautiful sights around town and posted it. As I stopped by your place for a visit I thought to myself, "Oh, I have missed her!" Oh well, have a nice break and I will chat with you again soon.

Ginny said...

Hope you have a great blogation. Can't wait to hear all about it. So glad you are doing so well. Loves.