Friday, October 4, 2013

Talking with Old Friends

Yesterday our old friends, Dan and Barb,  came by.  Joel and Dan met nearly 38 years ago while they were attending seminary.  They connected on several levels and the friendship with them and as couples has only strengthened over time.  Dan recently retired as a ELCA pastor and Barb retired as a school teacher.  They had planned to stay in northern Minnesota in their lake cabin, but their kids had other plans.  They asked them to consider moving down to the Twin Cities where two of their three daughters live, and of course their only grandchildren!  It did not take much persuading for them to find a new nesting place near the kids.  They now are "busy"  in retirement with their kids and grandkids, keeping an eye on Barb's mom who moved down into the area, travel, and living life in a big city.

It was great fun to spend the day with them....we talked steady for 6 hours while on a walk to the river, from  our cozy living room and during our meal at the dining table.  None stop chatter.

I am always amazed at how we can go a year or ten without seeing old friends and then when we do, it is like we just pick up the conversation right where we left off.  It was so energizing!

It got me thinking.

This is how it is with God too. He waits for us to connect and when we do, we are able to just pick up the conversation where we left off, talking none stop.  He is always willing to listen, and if we take time to be still, He speaks to us too. 

I remember a story about Pastor Rick Warren.  A man wanted to speak to him before services but when he went up to the room Rick was in he heard Pastor Warren speaking to someone so he waited outside, not wanting to interrupt.  Turns out Rick was having a conversation with God.  It did not sound like a typical was just two old friends talking!  How refreshing!  That is available for us too. 

 I am reading a book by Faith Blatchford titled, Hearing 101.  It is a great little book on how to open our hearts to hearing God speak to us.  Holy Spirit is right inside of us and His voice can be heard if we quiet our minds and clean out the emotional baggage.  He loves talking to us and with us!

I am sure our conversations with our Friend  will be just as energizing and joy-filled as our friends Dan and Barb.  Maybe even more so~~ Can you hear God beckoning you?  He would love to chat.

"My heart has heard you say, "Come and talk to me." 
 And my heart responds, "Lord, I am coming."
Psalm 27:8


NanaNor's said...

Dear Renee, Powerful post! I agree that some relationships just stay strong and connected, regardless of time. Others are but seasons; may we cling to the One who never leaves us.
Hugs, Noreen

At Home on the Rock... said...

Great post, Renee! Your friends sound lovely and friendships like that are truly a blessing

Kim said...

This gives me a lot to think about. My favorite prayer times of those times I just find myself talking to God all day like my friend. But sometimes I find myself approaching him more formally like I need to ask permission. I don't know why that happens, so I'm trying to catch myself and remind myself I can continue to be conversational with him. I like what you said here.