Saturday, October 12, 2013

Satureday's Scribbles

It has been a beautiful fall week here in our corner of the world with warm temperatures and sunshine for the most part. Cold weather is coming our way, but for now we are soaking it all in.

The path we take down to the river.  All the trees are along the river road.

Speaking of the weather, we have managed to walk daily and admire God's handiwork in all the fall colors.  Geese are always flying overhead and the squirrels are storing their winter food supply.  One day Joel noticed three deer across the river while we were walking, and we stood quietly and watched them for a few minutes before they scampered off.  We thought they must have noticed us, but then we heard a bunch of middle school kids yelling and talking as they tramped through the wooded trail right behind the deer.  Seems the school which is located in that area had taken them for a nature walk and the deer heard them long before we did.  We have forgotten how loud a group of exuberant young teens can be!  So much joy!

Joel really enjoyed his Rendezvous days adventure.  He spent quite a bit of time chatting with those who participate in the events and one man who lives year round in his tepee.  Amazing.   He took plenty of pictures for me to see.  Joel and I are alike in so many of our interests and passions, but this is one area that is all his!  He came home happy, tired, smoky, and full of good food . 

He spent most of this week outside working in his shop and climbing up on our tall steep roof to fix eves troughs and clean them out.  He encountered a wasp's nest, but just prayed for them to ignore him and not sting him. No problem.  Yesterday he power washed the back deck and today he is staining it.

Earlier this week I did some mending and hemming of clothes and yesterday I took bedroom curtains and shortened them as they had shrunk quite a bit after washing and no longer could be used as floor length.   I then ironed 4 new sheets to use for curtains.  Just clipped them to rings and had panels for the windows!  Look pretty good.  I also made bread, cooked meals, helped with the wash, walked a mile, and spent more time booking hotels for the trip out to CT.  Blessed to put in a full day.

Speaking of the trip, the farther east we head the more expensive the hotels.  I was wondering about the big jump in cost and fact that hotels were booked up pretty solid and then realized it is Fall with peak autumn colors AND we were looking for places to stay that were located in tourist/ mountain areas!  Ha!  I am rusty on this trip planning and where-to-stay stuff.  I am also fussy.  Always have been.  Cleanliness is key so I have taken the time to pour over reviews, adding a prayer to just "know" what is best.  We also plan ahead due to needing a microwave/fridge and rooms where we request that no air fresheners are used. 

We are looking forward to finding great places to walk on our trip in Amish country......the Appalachian trail.....the Poconos......Long Island Sound....NYC!!  What fun!  Around 18 months ago I felt strongly that God told me to walk out my healing.  More than once I heard and read ......"Walk out your healing."  Literally and spiritually.  So in obedience I am walking every day if possible.  I heard a young woman speak of her healing this past summer and she said God had told her she would be healed and she was in a powerful way. What she said next really resonated with me.  "When God says something, He really means it."  How do we know that?  The Bible tells us so!  So, I walk.  I started out being able to walk 3 minutes only.  Now I walk 30 minutes.  Can't deny the change.  So I walk.

Well, the government continues to play games with each other and the people who voted them ALL in to office.  It looks like we may not get to the Statue of Liberty or National Parks if it continues.  So it goes.  We have to let go of what we cannot control.  A lesson for our government too, I expect.

We watched our usual shows this week and added in a few Biblical teachings. No few that seem worth watching.  I am still reading the same books as before~ A lighthouse mystery by Guideposts and Hearing 101 by Faith Batchford. What are you reading?

How was your week?

Until next time...............


Michelle Holderman said...

Wonderful to hear of how you're doing and what's going on in your world, Renee. I love the the view on your path to the river. Just beautiful! Glad you're able to get out more and have a nice place to walk. Much love.

Renee said...

Thanks Michelle.....It is a beautiful view to the river isn't it.